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What Do YOU Want?


Clarity On Your Mission & Vision

In the last blog, I talked about auditing your life and taking radical inventory of your current reality to align with your higher-self. Then we talked about releasing all that is no longer serving you.


Now, it’s time to

Get Clear On What You Desire. 


If you aren’t already, you will be able to experience things consciously that provide you with contrast rather than thinking that they are just negative events happening TO you. 


Contrast is the concept of two or more things being considerably different. Something that you desire to have in your life will be illuminated and seem much more delicious when you have a memory or situation that is not so enjoyable.

When you have both types of experiences, you are able to appreciate the differences and find value in it all.  


When you have challenging experiences, take the time to reflect on them as quickly as you can. Sometimes it is not useful to begin reflecting if you are still in a tailspin or negative spiral of thoughts. 


if you reflect on them appropriately and in a timely manner, you can find an internal resolution.


You Can See The Value That Came From What You Just Went Through. 


At the beginning of your consciousness, you will have a lot of things to sift through to understand what it is that you truly desire. 


You are peeling back the onion layers of all of the things that you thought you desired because that is what you were taught. 


Taking time to go internal and reflect is imperative to having healthy intimate relationships.  


If you have external conflict, you NEED to take the time to reflect on why this situation is presenting itself. 


Once you feel clear on where the resistance is happening, you can either come back and try to mend the situation or relationship, or you can move forward. Don’t stay in the suffering state for too long. That’s not what you are here for.


This week, create a vision board or mind movie to help you create a physical manifestation tool for attracting all that you desire. 


Use audio and visual sensory tools to create a vivid illustration of the life you DESIRE. Remember not to consider what other people want you to do. Don’t deny yourself your true desires. Be creative and unique. Include something that feels a little wild or stretching to you. 


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