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Let Go Of What Doesn’t Serve You


Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is a challenge when you are not connected to your higher self.


When you are stuck in the ego- which is not just an attitude- the EGO is anything that causes separation. So if you are saying “me, my, I” that is ego. It is not “bad”, but it is separation. 


The ego is the part of the mind/body that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.


Imagine if you were at the airport and they asked your name and you said: “I am pure consciousness”. Haha. That might not go over well. We NEED our sense of identity here on earth. 


Ego is the function of your body that attempts to use all of the information that it has gathered in this lifetime (and former lifetimes) to keep you safe.


The ego used to keep you safe from real danger. For example, a BEAR or a COYOTE. You hear a stick break and your ego screams “TIME TO GO!”


How is the ego blocking you?


The ego is meant to keep you safe. Unfortunately, this means that it will attempt to keep you safe from the unknown, which is literally everything you have yet to experience. I am sure you can see how that is a problem. 


What good is the ego? 

The ego is an entire part of your being. When you shun the ego or push certain parts of yourself away, you are still causing separation. The goal is to know one’s true self so that you can live the most fulfilling life available to you.


How can you do that?


We have to take action to put ourselves closer to source energy (love, light, joy, harmony, equanimity).


We can do that by


  • Practicing meditation (yes, it is a practice, there is no mastery)
  • Fasting. Your body is burning much less energy when you are not thinking about where your next meal will come from or digesting a bunch of crap.
  • Eating healthy living nutrients rather than processed “food”
  • Spending time in nature and solitude.
  • Taking hallucinogens (phsilopsyben, DMT, Acid, psilocybin, iowaska) ONLY if you are called to.


This is a huge challenge because we have been conditioned to believe that many of these things are unacceptable. 


We get made fun of if we get angry and shake/dance it out (like an animal would). We hold that anger in our body and it causes DIS-EASE. 

We get looked at weird if we are vegan or fasting. People talk shit on my friend because she juices. In reality, their ego is feeling challenged because they don’t believe they can achieve the same level of success. 


The reason we have programmed to do all of this shit that doesn’t make any sense is because the “government” wants to keep us where THEY need us. 


Yes, this is a conspiracy theory. 


A conspiracy theory is just a term that individuals made up to shut people down who are questioning the way things are. But think about the way things are… 


I mean really sit down and think about how fucked up things are vs how they COULD be if we ALL took a stand and rose to authentic, heart-centered leadership? 


That is a scary thing when you start to notice how fucked up things are. There is a lot of work to be done. You have to make the decision to be awake. It is what you are here for. Especially if you are still reading this. You are a Starseed. (I encourage you to research this subject)


A lot of people are gaining consciousness now. There are souls that are being born “awake”. 


Awake meaning, they are conscious of their thought, emotion, and the present moment. They know that they are a soul incarnate. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of the thoughts.  


There are also many souls having a sudden shift in consciousness because of an immense amount of pain and suffering. 


This all has to do with releasing all that isn’t serving you, stay with me. 


We have been conditioned to believe that we need this and need that. You aren’t complete if you don’t have a husband/wife and make babies. If you don’t live in a 4+ bedroom home on the beach, you have failed. 


We have been taught to stick to our worker bee lives and not make a fuss. 


  • “Don’t speak unless spoken to.”
  • “Don’t ask questions.”
  • “Don’t dress slutty.”
  • “Don’t talk like that.”
  • “Don’t cause a fuss.” 
  • “Don’t bring attention to yourself.” 
  • “Don’t live in a van.”
  • “If you don’t shave, you’re nasty.”


This is literally a part of the BRAINWASHING that the military used on me. 


They used every tactic in the book to put soldiers farther away from source energy. I am surprised they even let us worship, to be honest. 


Letting go of what is no longer serving you is not just about letting go of that toxic partner or donating your clothes to goodwill. 


Letting go of what is no longer serving you includes releasing the mindset that you have been programmed with. 


I need you to really read these words that I have written. Read them again and again until you understand. 


We MUST release the programming and the limiting beliefs that we have been taught so that we can rise up together in love. THAT is how we end world hunger, slavery, human trafficking, fear, hate, greed, and illusion. 


There is a lot that you can do but it is important that you focus only on yourself. By healing yourself, we can heal the world. Once you have healed yourself, you will heal the world through your eyes. 


It will literally not be the same world that you have been seeing. It’s much more beautiful and clear. You will be able to help others when you are in a vibration of love. 


The most powerful thing that you can do to help you shift your consciousness is MEDITATE. 


Meditation takes you away from all of the media and shit that you are being fed. It takes you into a space with only yourself. In this space, you are able to hear deep, wise answers that you cannot find anywhere else. 


Affirm now: I AM NOT AFRAID TO BE AWAKE. I am here on a divine mission and I am ready to step into my full potential. I am not afraid to be awake. I am a divine being and I am here to make a difference. I make a difference by raising my own vibration. 


You are fucking magic. Do you realize all of the things that had to align for you to be here? From the first couple that ever existed, all the way to your mother and father meeting. Your chances of being alive is ONE out of 400 TRILLION. I don’t even know how many zero’s that is, but it’s a lot. You are a miracle. 


If you have ever felt like this life is too much, not for you, or too challenging- know that your feelings are valid, but this is not too much for you.

You got this. I am here for you. Don’t give up. Find your soul family and for the love of all that exists, START MEDITATING NOW.



If you need support, please use my free 90-minute planning session. I am happy to help you.

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