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The 3 Keys of Conscious Leadership

The 3 Keys of Conscious Leadership

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The 3 Keys of Conscious Leadership

By Whitney Sause 

In this post, I share what it means to be a conscious leader and the three keys of a GREAT leader. 

You can lead an entire country without these skills if you are granted power, but you will suffer consequences. These consequences will be internal as well as external for someone who is not on their “right path”



To be conscious is to be aware of one’s self completely. Fully active mentally. Attentive, aware of thoughts, emotions, and the present moment.



Someone who is self-disciplined. They inspire confidence in others and move them to action. Someone who will step up when a task needs to be accomplished. They are not afraid of doing things differently. They command authority or influence.


#1 Clarity

Being clear is kind! The more clear that we get with ourselves by being radically open, honest, and transparent, the more clearly others will understand us. So within, so without. If you are experiencing chaos and compartmentalization within the mind, it is likely that your outer world is reflecting that back to you, only making you feel more stressed and unorganized. 


Getting clear with yourself can be a challenge if you have never done it. It all starts with one simple question;




Whatever your first answer is, you can assume that is the ego and release it. Now, take a deep breath x3. Give yourself some time to sit in silence without “doing” or “trying”. Just ALLOW. 


After you feel that you are a little more grounded and tuned into your heart space, ask yourself: “What do I want?”


Save the drama for your mama. We don’t need any ego or judgment in this exercise. Just your soul wisdom. Take your time and get crystal clear on what YOU want. Not your mom, dad, husband, kids, etc. YOU. What is YOUR greatest desire? Have you ever said it out loud? 


Having clarity with yourself will help you create purity in all of your relationships.


#2 Courage

A quote that changed my life forever:

“Without fear, there is no need for courage.”


This quote impacted me deeply because in that moment, I realized my humanness. The paradox of change is that we deeply desire the unknown, however, it is our greatest fear. 


We wish to find great excitement in life, but when it feels like something else (fear, anxiety) we don’t want it! Ummm…. Seems problematic, huh? 


We all have something that we are scared of. One person’s greatest fear might be to never be able to work again, while someone else’s fear might be dying. It takes courage for us to face our unique fears. We cannot be the judge of how much courage it will take for someone to do something because we don’t know how afraid of it they are. We are all wired much differently. 


It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone. Maybe you are already completely confident in one area of your life, but you still need the courage to confidently respond in other areas. 


Surgeons are a great example of someone who is admirably competent in one area, but might lack largely in other areas. Many great surgeons spend so much time doing what they love (learning how to be great surgeons) that their personal/social lives suffer. You could be the number one brain surgeon in the world and still have to muster up the courage to go on a date. 


Courage comes from commitment. You have to know what you want (clarity) and then commit to it. 


What is something that you know you need to do but haven’t had the courage to achieve? Is it in alignment with your souls purpose? What is holding you back? 


#3 Compassion

This is the strong desire to alleviate suffering. Again, so within, so without.


You cannot have compassion for others if you are not having compassion for yourself. Want to save the world? SAVE YO-SELF.


I have met a LOT of people and I can confidently say that across the board; most humans lack self-compassion. We grew up with parents from the Great Depression and Baby Boomer era’s. Compassion wasn’t exactly the forefront focus during that time. 


I have had so many clients share stories with me about being told that their feelings were not valid. In some cases my clients were told that their feelings/emotions/depression was not real. These individuals learned to contain any type of emotion and never say anything about it. 


Decades of never expressing your true needs, desires, and emotions can wreak havoc on the body. We store trauma in each of our organs, not just the mind. If you have a physical ailment, there is some energy that is trapped within you that needs to be released.


Practicing self-compassion seems so simple and easy that you might think it is one of those steps you can just skip over. DO NOT > I REPEAT > DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. 


I have THREE key principles that I teach my leadership around. CLARITY, COURAGE, and COMPASSION. They are all equally as important. 


Start treating yourself the way you wished your mother had when you were a child. 


Beginning to work with the small child that is within you will start to make hugeeee shifts in your external world. 


Within every one of us, there is a child that didn’t have his/her needs met in some way. Have compassion for not only your adult self, but also that small innocent child. When we heal ourselves, we have the magic to help others heal. 


In my 1:1 coaching, we delve into what it looks like to embody massive shifts and step into alignment with your “fuck yes”. 



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Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

Reach Whitney

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Creating Inner-Peace

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Becoming Your Higher Self: 4 Things to Know

4 Things to Remember When Stepping Into a Higher Version of Yourself

Spiritual Wellness Resources

To the woman who is ready to step into her highest self but not sure where to start,


We could agree that our parents were “supposed to” teach us the basics of how to care for ourselves, but the reality is: our parents did the best they could. Fortunately for us, that is all we needed. We can take it from here. 


We are adults now and WE have the power and permission to start stepping into our highest self. By taking the time to read this blog, I can tell that you are one of the many individuals that are truly ready to start taking inspired action and discovering the life of peace and equanimity that you are destined for. You are not reading this by mistake. 


You have everything that you need to shift into the highest version of yourself RIGHT NOW.


Some Important things to keep in mind when you are making these positive lifestyle changes;


#1 Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Mind


Just because you change your mind does not make you a hypocrite.


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

-Maya Angelou


We must be flexible like the trees bending in the storms. We must not cling to any one thing. It is important to keep an open mind because there is no one truth. We are divine beings. Our purpose on this planet is to learn and grow.


Do not be afraid of changing your mind when you gain new information or insight. Be wary of people who judge you for changing your mind.


#2 Your Happiness Matters Most

I believe that each individual soul on this planet should be focused on making sure their basic needs are being met. When we invest time in making sure that all of our personal needs are being met, we are one step closer to complete flow state.


Our first obligation to ourselves and our loved ones should be to make sure that we are in a healthy mental, physical, and spiritual state so that we can show up as the divine powerful goddesses that we are.


We are loving and nurturing by nature. This is a gift that you have. Enhance your gift by focusing on the things that give you joy.


#3 We Are All Fully Supported


No matter what situations you have ever been in, you have always had exactly what you needed. The same goes for all humans. We have each intentionally chosen to incarnate at this time to experience human life. Our gift from the universe for choosing this experience is that we are always supported. 


You do not need to be afraid of exiting someone elses life because they will not have anyone else. We are only responsible for our own actions. It is codependency when someone is not open to being supported by others beside you. If you are staying in someone’s life because you believe that they will not survive without you, you are also acting codependantly. 


You are fully supported by the universe to do whatever it is that your heart has been nagging you to do. Seriously, do the thing.


#4 Breathe


When you begin to worry about yourself or someone else not having enough, stop and take a deep breath. If you are worrying, it is because you are not in the present moment.


We can have anxiety about things from the past which we cannot change, and we can stress about things that have yet to happen, but when we are in the present moment, there is nothing to worry about.


Use the breath to come back to the present moment every time.


Trust that you deserve EVERYTHING that you desire. Breathe in peace and joy, and breathe out negativity and self-doubt.


We exist in this time and space so that we can learn and evolve. You are on the right path. Stay curious and trust your intuition.

If you are struggling to stay in the present moment please check out my free guided meditation 


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Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

Reach Whitney

Creating Inner-Peace

Creating Inner-Peace

Inner Peace Comes From Discipline and Training. Good news for us Westerners, we love taking action! Except, this isn't the kind of action you are probably thinking. When we think of "action" we think more of a strong movement in a forward direction towards a specific...

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15 ways to attract your perfect mate

Get over the partner that ISN’T the person of your dreams.

Are you still in a relationship with a person that you know is wrong for you? Maybe you have already left and still can’t stop thinking about them? There is a man out there that is PERFECT for you, however, do you think that he will want to be with you if you are sad and hung up on someone that doesn’t make you happy? What does that say about the way that you treat yourself?

Whether you are still with them or have already ended things and still just can’t seem to get them off of your mind, you can start by asking yourself these questions;

What qualities do I love about this person?
Am I my ideal self when I am with this person?
If I knew everything about this person that I know now, would I still choose to have these feelings for them?
In one of my coaching sessions (where I was the Coachee) I realized that it is a common goal amongst couples to stay together ’til death. They want to stay together, through thick n’ thin, because they have been conditioned to believe that if you don’t “stick it out” then you have failed. You can love someone greatly and still not want to be with them any longer. That is perfectly normal! There is no sense in kicking your own ass for moving forward with your life and having the best experience available to you. That is not selfish, that is self-care.

Decide how you want your IDEAL partner to treat you.

Take this to the pillow! Allow yourself to sit and meditate on what your ideal mate is like. Get as specific as you can! The more specific you are when you ask for something, the more likely you will be to get the result that you want! This is because the universe listens to the things that you are focused on, and delivers more of it to you! Forget all of the things that you have experienced in relationships in your past. What do you want NOW?

Start treating yourself the way that you want to be treated.

How can you expect to attract your ideal mate if you aren’t treating yourself the way that you want to be treated? Are you being kind to yourself, treating yourself like a queen, and only speaking positively to yourself? What does your self-talk sound like? Start treating yourself the way that you would want the man/women of your dreams to treat you. Run yourself a bath, take sexy pictures of yourself, massage your own feet, and leave yourself cute notes! I love to send myself gifts with messages in them like “You are doing amazing! Keep up all of your hard work! I love you!” You deserve absolute happiness and you can achieve that if you start filling your own cup and stop looking for someone else to make you whole. You are already whole.

Know that you deserve love

When you begin to fall in love with yourself, you will feel this sense of happiness, confidence, and contentment. When you start treating yourself the way that you expect your significant other to, you will appeal to someone that sees that as an attractive quality. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not good enough, people will sense that. If there is resistance, you could potentially miss out on making a true connection with the person that you desire.

You will reach a point where you are so happy with yourself and the way that you are treating yourself, that you will feel as if you don’t NEED a man/women, and THAT is when- out of nowhere- the most amazing person you could ever think up will be right next to you wondering where you have been all of his/her life.

Don’t settle

I often encounter clients that are fearful of being lonely, so they settle for something they are not happy with. The conditioning that we have had since we were children has been to find a man, marry him, and stay with him until you die, no matter what or you have failed. I have news for you; It’s 2019. You are not a failure if things do not work out. It takes great strength to exit a relationship out of love for yourself and the other person. If the relationship does not make you feel good, then why are you in it? Are you upset more often than you are happy? The only purpose of this existence is to observe and enjoy. You don’t have time to waste on people that do not contribute to your happiness and success.

Invest your time wisely

Don’t spend all of your time looking for a significant other to come and “complete you”. The law of attraction plays a part in this, because what the universe senses that you are focusing on- it delivers more of. Focus on activities that will make you a better version of yourself so that you will be appealing to the person that you are interested in being with. Neediness is not attractive. Expressing your needs and wants in a relationship is not what I am referring to when I say neediness. Set your intention and let the seed grow while you are working hard on yourself.

Meditate on it

It’s likely I won’t post a blog that doesn’t mention meditation at least one time. This is because meditation is so powerful! Sit on your pillow, close your eyes, and begin to imagine your ideal mate is there with you. How do they look, smell, feel, and make you feel? What are the qualities you love most about them? Get a very precise image of this person in your mind, because the more specific you are in what you are asking for, the more specific the universe will be when delivering. Don’t become attached to the image of the mate you are envisioning, this is simply a guideline to getting closer to knowing what you want.

Set your intention

Take the time to set the intention that you are going to find this ideal mate, and approximately when it will happen. Do not become attached to this idea, as that will cause suffering. Just imagine them, write about them, mention them to a friend, and wait. No need to stress or worry. Focus your attention on evolving into a better woman than you were yesterday so that when they find you- they are able to experience your truest self.

Ditch your shitty break-up story

It is understandable that you spent a lot of time with your ex and that is all you felt like you knew, but if you can’t stop talking about them and all the stupid stuff you did in your past- it is likely that the perfect mate isn’t going to be interested. No one cares about your baggage. You are the only on that is in control of your happiness, and focusing your attention on the past is not the way to grow and evolve. When you are focused on the past you are giving your mind a reason to be anxious. Talk about your future plans and dreams, something new that you tried recently, or a place that you would like to try.

Make love to yourself

Another one that I feel should be mentioned in all of my blogs- Masturbate! This topic has so much stigma or secrecy around it. I had friends most of my life that I did not feel comfortable talking about my sexual experiences with. This was difficult for me being an open and passionate person. There have been times where I was literally thinking “I am going to be single and lonely forever, and no one will ever meet my needs”. “Whoa is me”, right? Then, I make the loving decision to please myself and everything is fine! I go from feeling like the world is on top of me, to feeling like I am on top of the world. I am blessed to have friends that I can discuss these things with, and if you do not- I highly recommend acquiring at least one.

Imagine you already have him/her

You can choose to live your life upset and sad because you are lonely waiting for someone to come save you, or you can pick yourself up, and take care of your own life. You are fully capable of doing everything that you want to do with your partner, without them. If you want to go to the movies, go to the dang movies! If you are unhappy with the way that things are going without a significant other, how do you know that you will be happy WITH them? You must flip the switch of acceptance and go with the flow. Live your life the same way that you would if you had someone in your life that you love. Eventually, they will organically fall into the position.

Speak them into existence

Tell your close friends and loved ones what it is that you are looking for. Talk about them as if you know for a fact that they are real and they are PERFECT for you. If you have doubt in your mind about the fact that the perfect mate exists, the universe will question if you are even ready for something like that. You must stop resisting the natural flow. If you can dream them, they can become a reality. Talk about how things will be when you find them.

Choose your friends wisely

Pay attention to what your friends are saying. Words are more than just words. Words are vibrations that create feelings. If your friends are putting you down, or not positively affirming the desires that you have, why are they your friends? There are people that have the same morals and values as you, and they will reassure you that everything you want is possible, because IT IS! Same as finding a mate, you don’t want to settle. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Do you want to be like them?


Before traveling solo I had no idea who I truly was. In my travels, I met so many incredible people and had so many prodigious experiences that changed my journey forever. If you are in the same town doing the same thing on repeat, you are limiting your life experience. Exposing yourself to new activities will open doors for you to realize what you are passionate about it. When you are in flow with the universe and not resisting, you meet a vast amount of people that seem to be placed there just for you. It may seem like the universe or god put them in your way for a reason. In your travels, pay close attention to who you meet and what their mission is. You don’t ever meet anyone by chance.

Invest in yourself

When you resist the natural flow of things, you cause yourself more suffering. You are being called to do something better for yourself, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. It is time to start making moves. When you start going with the flow you will begin to make progress. If you are looking to level-up, you must begin attending the local events that are related to the growth that you are looking to experience. There are meetup groups, Bumble Bizz, and many FaceBook groups where you can find workshops, seminars, and Life Coaches. You’ve already started taking steps in the right direction by reading this, why not set up a free consultation to see if a coach is right for you?

I am already impacting the lives of many women. I am accessible to you now. Are you ready to start making life-changing moves? Let’s get to work! Email me now to schedule a time to discuss where we will begin your journey of transformation.

As always, if this blog impacts your journey in some way, please don’t hesitate to share! Sharing your story may help someone else to better understand their experience. Let’s make kindness cool!