7 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

Self Confidence is Self-Care

How confident do you feel right now? Everyone has a different answer depending on their present situation, time of the day, or maybe after a cup of coffee. It’s not always easy to consistently feel confidence in yourself, especially when faced with the stresses that life inevitably throws your way. I’ve written out seven different ways that you can give yourself the little confidence kick you need for when that happens. After all, investing in your confidence is investing in your self-care.

Confidence isn’t Arrogance

Do you ever feel like you’re not enough, or that you’re too much? What about when you’re around co-workers or friends, and you can’t shake the feeling like you can’t be yourself. Your feelings are real, but they are not reality. All too often, everyone’s perception of others around them is based on your own feelings, which can be exacerbated by peers who may be feeling similarly.

When you’re focused on your personal growth and success, you aren’t paying attention to what other people think about you. Sometimes it can feel like you’re being too ambitious or arrogant. Confidence isn’t arrogance. Believing in yourself is not vanity – it’s self-empowerment. The most confident women that I have ever known, KNEW that they were amazing. They were not afraid to admit it, because they knew that anyone that they wanted to be around would also recognize their awesomeness.


No one is born confident. Just like everything else that you have mastered, confidence is a learned habit. It is something that you can practice and become better at. Fake it til you make it. Imagine yourself as a character that is confident, and act like you already have it (because you do). Deep inside of you, you know that you are an amazing, badass, woman, and you can start acting like it at any moment. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD will add a layer of difficulty, but practicing as a part of your daily routine can help reinforce treatment and therapy.

Practice Humility

Confidence is sexy when you are kind and loving. Make sure that your confidence is coming from a loving, sincere place. Always remember what it is like to be the self-conscious girl. Practice compassion. You have no idea what kind of trauma someone else has experienced. You DO NOT need to unscrew other girls light’s to make yours shine brighter. Combine your light with everyone around you and be authentic so that other ladies feel comfortable to shine brighter with you. We all win this way.

Know Your Tribe

Since the beginning of time, humans have had tribes. Without a community, we become depressed, have low self-confidence, don’t feel a sense of belonging, or know our purpose.

There are individuals that have yet to experience their spiritual awakening and don’t realize that we are all one. And then there are your people, that share the same dreams and values as you. Maybe you aren’t quite vibrating at the same frequency that they are, but with some life coaching and spiritual mentorship, you can learn how to raise your vibration and become the best version of yourself to attract the best crew for you.

Make Health A Priority

Have you ever left the gym NOT feeling more confident? If you don’t like the gym, I suggest looking for an alternative resolution. Get moving. You can rock climb, hike, rollerblade, practice yoga, join a spin class, etc. The list goes on. Health is not only about what you look like. It affects your mood, sleep pattern, and YOUR LOW CONFIDENCE. Eating a healthy diet and getting proper rest and exercise will help your confidence significantly. Set some weekly health goals for yourself. 20-minutes of exercise 3x per week is much better than none at all.

Practice Meditation

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? Daily meditation practice is a great way to slow down, and allow your mind, body, and spirit to align. When you take a holistic approach, you are opening communication with the universe. Profound insights arise when you retreat to silence. When you return to your natural state, you begin to realize the things that are truly important.

Invest Time and Love in Yourself

There are many ways that you can invest in yourself. Facebook and meetup are places where you can find local and online workshops. Educating yourself is a great way to build confidence. A life coach can help you to find your blind spots and understand where your lack of confidence is stemming from. You don’t know what you don’t know.

There is so much that you can learn from having someone asking you questions that you might not think to ask yourself. A coach will help you learn and grow. Do you know what happens when you learn and grow? You begin to feel more confident in yourself! Find a coach that offers services that resonate with you. If you want to feel more confident, find a confidence coach.

If you want to heal your heart, release stuck energy from trauma, and passionately fall in love with your life, check out my online coaching program –The Goddess Heart Healing Circle.

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Ascension Symptoms 2019

Ascending is rising or increasing to a higher level. Could there possibly be symptoms to you waking up? I recall feeling drained when I was experiencing my awakening, however, I do not think that your ascension or awakening is the cause of your symptoms.

Ascending is an amazing, wonderful, and powerful experience.

We are all capable of ascending to our highest self. (Which is actually no-self; I will be addressing this in an upcoming blog!) Some of the effects you might be experiencing

Feeling Tired

Are you experiencing sleeping problems? Tossing and turning at night? Are you are feeling drained during times of the day when you normally would not be? Letting go of old familiar routines and situations can be both frightening and exhausting.

It is possible that you are exhausted because you are identifying/noticing the resistance in your life that you did not see before. This will not last forever. So much positive energy is coming your way!


In a room full of people do you feel like you are all alone? Are you distancing yourself from normal social activities that you used to enjoy? Are you becoming uninterested in some of your existing relationships (or all)?During your ascension, you may start distancing yourself from others because you notice that they are not on the same path that you desire to be on.

You are beginning to realize what is important to you, and if others values don’t align, you might be wondering where they fit in your life. I encourage you to embrace this loneliness. When you take the time to get a clear idea of your ideal self, you grant yourself the life you desire, which includes the friends that you have wanted all your life.

You may not even know what kind of friends you truly want. Take this time to figure that out.

Expanded Curiosity

Something amazing within you must have been awakened for you to be reading a blog like this! It is likely that you are interested in:

  • Having new experiences that seem more healthy
  • Looking for material to read
  • Searching for activities that you truly enjoy
  • Taking the time to try new things in order to discover what you love rather than being stuck in the same old routine

Trust your intuition! If a new opportunity arises, adopt the “what do I have to lose?” attitude.

Since I began living my life with that type of attitude, I have had more INCREDIBLE experiences than I could have ever imagined. (I will be sharing some of these life-changing experiences in my podcast- The Healing Sause Podcast!)

These are just a few signs that you are growing, adapting, ascending, and evolving. The most important thing to remember is to have fun along the journey. If you are not having fun, what is it all for? You are only as limited as you want to be. Continue seeking truth, and wisdom & equanimity will follow.

If you need help setting and reaching your goals through this time, a life coach might be perfect for you! I specialize in ascension. I am here to help you understand and navigate your awakening.

Schedule a free consultation with me today! I am ready, are you?

Managing Anxiety | Part 2

If you have not already checked out part one, I recommend starting there. Stay consistent when building these new habits and I guarantee you will yield results.


Invest some time in listening to healing music. Classical music is amazing because it stimulates both the left and right side of your brain, allowing them to synchronize. Furthermore, classical music is like a massage for your ears.

You can also try tuning in to 528hz. This is the sound of the earth and the sound of love. Hence, the claims that this frequency is said to have repaired and restored DNA as well as bring inner peace and happiness.

There are other frequencies that are called Solfeggio frequencies. By listening to these frequencies, you will raise the vibrations of your body. Above all, everything around you is energy, and if you are vibrating low, consequently you are susceptible to falling ill, having anxiety, and being unhappy. Raise your frequency, baby!

Go Green

There is nothing more healing than being surrounded by our loving and judgment-free earth. Nature doesn’t care what you look like, or even what you think about yourself. Nature is unconditionally loving and similarly imperfectly perfect.

I live in Kansas City, Missouri where the weather doesn’t always permit me spending time outside. Therefore, I improvise by having plants all around me. The plants have healing energy and they also clean your breathing air!

Another aspect that I thoroughly enjoy being a plant mother is that I get to nurture something and keep it alive and well. As a result, my maternal instincts really adore this.

Hug someone

Touch is an important part of healing. After trauma, it can be difficult to want someone to touch you. Don’t force anything that doesn’t feel comfortable. Ask yourself “Do I want to be the type of person that gives out hugs to make people feel better?”

If a chance arises where you feel safe to give someone a hug, take the opportunity. Chances are, they need the hug just as much as you do. I am talking about a full-on, heart-to-heart hug. Squeeze your friend and let them know you care.

Give someone a genuine, healing hug, and see how it affects you. If you are not ready to hug someone, I suggest that you find an animal to hug. Dog’s are the best for healing!


This practice is the most important assignment you have. Meditation is not about the amount of time that you are sitting! Rather, it is about consistency. Find a time that works best for you, I recommend when you are waking up, or when you are going to bed because it is easier to build a habit around the same time frame daily. Sit for at least one minute per day.

You literally have no excuses to not be doing this. Sitting on a pillow or chair, closing your eyes, and doing an internal body scan. What is my body feeling? Is there tension or tightness is any specific region? Are my eyebrows furrowed or jaw clenched?

Above all, focus primarily on your breath and how each one of them makes your body feel. Repeat this daily.

Find your tribe

Have you ever seen a field of lightning bugs? They glow in a synchronized manner. For that reason, they are attracted to each other. They know that they are more powerful when they function together. Similarly, we are not attracted to the individual that survives completely alone.

Rather, we are attracted to the person that plays well with others. Humans are here to observe an experience. When your mind and heart are open to experiences, you are able to feel more love and see new opportunities.

There are women (or men) out there that are waiting for you to come out of your shell and be with them.

Change your mindset

What are you expecting to gain from each experience? If you enter each day with the mindset that you could possibly be wrong and are open to receiving more information so that you can accurately adjust your opinion, then you will experience a life of least resistance.

When you make a decision, and you are embarrassed that you are wrong, you tend to hold on tightly to this idea. There is no need to cling to thoughts or ideas. You are free to change your mind about things when you gain new knowledge. There is no “right” or “wrong”, there just is.

You don’t need to defend the old you. Success is about adaptability. So, change the way that you are receiving information and the way that you are showing up for yourself. Finally, when you are open to being wrong, you have the opportunity to grow and learn.


You subconsciously make every decision because of a feeling that you want. If you are making the decision to stay in a state of constant anxiety, it is likely because you are more afraid of what will happen if you break through that barrier. Maybe you don’t think you will be able to stay close to the current people around you if you outgrow them? (This seems to be common.)

It is selfish to hold yourself back out of fear that you will lose someone. Out of love for yourself, you must allow yourself to grow and evolve. When you reach your highest self, you are able to do so much more and feel true joy and inner peace. Even the best coaches, mentors, and healers need their own professional “backup”.

When you invest in a coach, you show the universe that you are ready to give, which shows that you are also ready to receive.

If you have read this far, I have faith that you are ready to take the next step towards finding inner peace, confidence, and equanimity. Don’t hold yourself back any longer. Make the move today. You deserve it.

I am passionately assisting many women in reaching their highest selves. I am ready to coach you so that you can start living your best life as well. Set up a free 30-minute consultation to be sure that I am the coach for you. I love you!

11 Ways to Feel More Confident

Dress your personal best.

This doesn’t mean that you need to spend a bunch of money on clothes and accessories to impress people. This means; dress to the best of your ability. Wear something that says

“I respect myself, and so will you.”

Dress to impress as often as possible, because it makes you feel good about yourself! Wake up in the morning and start your day by putting on something that makes you feel like the BOSS that you are! You never know who you might meet! In other words, always be prepared to make a great first impression.

If you are on a budget, I recommend Ross, Marshalls, or Arizona Trading Company.

Get a hobby.

Life is short. You don’t have time to waste worrying about the things you did wrong. Find something fun that you love to do, and do it! By finding a hobby that you truly enjoy, you will feel better about yourself because you are trying new things and doing activities that you enjoy. Your brain will naturally react to the positivity in your life and bring you more pleasant things. Thus, making life more enjoyable and leaving you with less time to spend on negative thoughts that don’t serve you. All that you have in this life is your happiness.

If you are unsure of where to start, I recommend checking out KC Crew. They are a wonderful organization that has many different leagues such as; Volleyball, softball, karaoke, and more! I also recommend the Meetup app for local groups that you might be interested in.

Get yo hair did, girl.

Nothing feels more exhilarating than a brand new hair doo! Whether you are chopping 12” off as I did, or just getting a blowout, you will feel as fresh as a spring chicken afterward! Try something new and sassy. When you are finished, go show off! Go walk around your local shopping center and do some window shopping. New hair, who dis!?

I got my hair done by Amy at Tease Premier Salon in Westport. She did a wonderful job!


Don’t make any excuses. You know, just as well as I do, how good you feel after you get your blood flowing and work up a sweat. As you sweat, imagine that it is all of the toxins and negative energy that you have absorbed since the last time you really moved your body. It is all melting away after just one sweat! Really give yourself something to be proud of! There are a ton of fun activities that you could perform that would improve your mental and physical wellbeing. I love to hike with my dog, play volleyball, and go for a swim! You might also check out RoKc as a fun alternative to get moving!

Dance your heart out.

Turn on a song that you enjoy and get moving! It doesn’t matter how you move your body or what sounds you make. Close your eyes and feel the music. Allow your body to move to the rhythm of this song that you are listening to. Dance freely and let your body to be soft and feminine. Flow with the sounds.

Embrace your body and the ability to flow the way that you want it to because that is a miracle!

Write yourself a list of things that you are grateful for.

It is easy to fall into the spiral of negative thoughts. It starts with one minor incident and the next thing you know- you have a whole crazy, made-up story about something that MIGHT happen. This is a good way to give yourself anxiety. So, instead- you can redirect your attention to things that are going well for you. Make a list of all of the things you are learning about, things that you are thankful for, things that you have learned, positive affirmations, and anything that makes you feel good!

I have an affirmation & intention journal that I write in every morning and an “information download” journal that I write in at night. When writing in the “information download” style, I do not stop myself to worry about handwriting or grammar. This technique inspires me to simply allow whatever it is to flow out of me naturally.

Stop trying to please other people.

Pardon my french, but who the fun cares what they think? Are you a good person? Are you staying true to yourself? Why does their opinion matter? Seriously, think about this for a second. The only thing that matters is the way that it makes you feel, and YOU have control over that.

Like my girl, Brooke Castillo says “You can be the juiciest peach on the tree, and there is always going to be someone that doesn’t like peaches”. AND THAT’S FINE! Move forward with your life knowing that there are people that already love, and believe in you and your dreams. There are countless women searching and reaching out to find each other. Women looking to build each other up to our highest selves. Surround yourself with people that support you no-matter-what because with an empowering tribe, success will feel easy.

Help someone else.

Generosity, or as it is referred by in Buddhism- Dana, “the practice of cultivating generosity” is truly my favorite way to generate new positive energy. I am most vibrant when I am helping others. It is so easy to do, and you will feel amazing about yourself afterward. Do something for someone with NO EXPECTATIONS. This can be difficult. When I say “no expectations” I mean- Do not even expect a “thank you”. Just give with the pure intention of giving freely. You can do small random acts of kindness like helping an elder with their grocery’s, volunteering at a local community project, anonymously leave an affirmation on someone’s car, or something a little more time consuming like mentoring a young adult that needs a positive influence in their life.

If you are looking a place to volunteer check these out:

Youth Volunteer Corp, Habitat for Humanity, Meals on wheels, Veterans Community Project, or Bikers for babies.

Embrace the Divine Feminine within.

YOU ARE A GODDESS. Sometimes us goddesses get busy and forget to show our body loving kindness. So here is your reminder! Pamper yourself! Set some time aside in your busy day to intentionally do something relaxing. I highly recommend beginning a daily meditation practice if you have not already. You might also want to go get a massage, a pedi, or maybe just take a nap!

Taking a shaman’s bath is a great way to relax and nurture your body. By doing this, are soaking your body with the intention of feeling more healthy and confident while also pulling out toxins! I invite you to really focus on the intention that you are setting in your bath time. Do whatever feels good for you! Wink, wink!

Let the past go.

What are you holding on to that is causing discomfort and resistance for you? Obviously, it is affecting you because you have made it this far in my post. Is it really worth holding on to?

I am not suggesting that you approve of whatever event that occurred that has wounded you. I am simply suggesting that you accept that it has happened, and it is over. You are free to move forward from it. Allow your wounds to start becoming cool scars.

I do not believe that confrontation will solve anything because you might agitate the situation and still never get the answer or feeling that you are seeking.

A great exercise to practice If you are holding on to a feeling from an event in the past is writing a letter. You can write a letter to whoever hurt you, or to yourself. When you are finished, safely burn the letter. You will then be completely free from any attachment that you have to that memory or pain. You will be free to move forward with your life and stop being a victim. You can start to take control of your life and watch your confidence skyrocket!

Ask for help.

Don’t allow your ego or fear prevent you from asking for help if you need it. Sometimes we need a second brain to help us sort things out. Some of the most successful people in the world have coaches! I would consider Tony Robbins to be successful, and even he has a coach!

Most coaches offer a free consultation to see if you would be a good fit for each other. You can find a coach for just about anything nowadays. I highly recommend checking out at least three coaches before committing to one. As a coach, my personal mission is to help my clients feel more confident, energized, healthy, balanced, and peaceful.

Set up a free consultation to see if I would be the perfect coach for you!

Managing Anxiety

Not everything is always going to be “peaches n cream” right? Sometimes things get stressful. That stress causes anxiety.
Anxiety can feel so overwhelming that you can’t seem to focus on anything else in your life. You have work, bills, appointments, relationships, and all sorts of other things that can cause stress in your life.
Where is this anxiety stemming from? Are you having memories of something traumatic from your past?

Anxiety can become crippling. It can keep you in bed, not wanting to do anything for yourself. It can be scary. You’re in places and suddenly out of nowhere, you feel like you can’t breathe? Or maybe you are like me; My attacks came when I was at rest. I would be lying in my bed at night watching T.V. and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest and my heart was skipping beats. I thought I had a heart murmur. In fact- I thought it was the end of the world. Everything was. I felt so defeated.


helps me let go of the thoughts that don’t serve me. I am able to be fully present in the moment and focus on what is actually happening, vs what COULD happen. Living my life with fear was not something I enjoyed. I had to let go of the thought that something MIGHT happen.

Being true to myself, my needs, and my boundaries.

What I mean by being true to myself is not doing things just to make other people happy. Giving from a loving place is a beautiful thing that I really enjoy, but when I am giving more than what I have- I end up stressed and resentful. I must set boundaries when I am making plans. I ONLY participate at my comfort level. This eliminates a lot of stress for me, and my anxiety attacks are now nonexistent. If someone invites me to go somewhere that might be a stressful environment for me- I am able to politely decline the invite, rather than saying yes just to please them.

Act vigilant 

Stay off your phone while you’re walking, don’t use headphones, be aware of your surroundings, don’t walk alone at night, and stay away from dark and deserted areas like alleys and parking garages. It is okay to be hyper-vigilant. You are normal, and you are just watching your 6 like we were trained to do. The thoughts that you have around that are JUST THOUGHTS. It is not who you are, and it does not define you. It is normal to be aware and cautious. You are not paranoid.
The more aware you are of your surroundings, the less likely you are to be a target. But you must also remember that you can not stress about things that have not happened. Living in fear will only hinder you from reaching your full potential.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I know for me personally- if I am not eating healthy, sleeping, and exercising- I am more anxious. Getting a full night’s sleep is SO IMPORTANT. When I don’t get enough sleep I am on edge, jittery, nervous, and anxious. Balance in your life is crucial when reaching your full potential. When you get the exercise that your body needs- it boosts your confidence, makes you feel stronger and more able to take care of yourself. If you are feeling unable to defend yourself it makes it very hard to feel safe, which can create a lot of stress and anxiety. Get your sleep, give your body water and healthy nutrients to keep your mind clear, and exercise so that you feel capable of taking care of yourself.

Being fully present in the moment and only focusing on “what is” vs “what could be” is a major key in reducing stress and anxiety. Stay vigilant. Remember that it is okay to be cautious and aware of surroundings. This does not mean that you are paranoid or damaged. It is healthy to be independent and aware of your surroundings. Treat your body with love and respect! Getting the proper rest, diet, and exercise can drastically change the way that your body feels. Having mental clarity can really make a difference in your life.

When you get in your car every day- the first thing you should do is put your seatbelt on and check your mirrors. I do this every morning when I wake up. I adjust the mirrors of my life. I am prepared for what is going on seven cars ahead and behind me. Of course, this is a metaphor, but you understand the concept. Being aware of the present moment is all you will ever need.

Feel free to email me if this has helped you in any way, or if you have other ways of dealing with your stress and anxiety. I would love to hear what they are!

Make a great weekend, my sophisticated savages. I love you, all.

-Coach Sause