11 Benefits of Meditating

You have heard of meditation before, but you aren’t sure what it is so you don’t think that it is for you. You might think that you could never do it, you aren’t cut out for it. For all of the years that you have been alive, your mind has been running wild. Like any other muscle, your mind needs to be trained. Sitting is a practice that takes much discipline. Similar to going to the gym, or changing your diet- meditation is a new habit that will take time to adjust to. With practice, meditation becomes easier.  Here are some of the benefits that I have personally experienced from my daily sitting practice.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of cultivating stillness. You sit with the intention of listening to whatever arises for you. Meditation is about training the mind gently. This practice is NOT about stopping all of your thoughts. When each thought arises, you can simply observe it, and release it without creating any drama or story around the thought.

You might think “I need to go to the grocery store.” That thought inspires you to think of what store you will go to, what time you will go, and ten other things that need to be added to the list. Rather than getting upset that you had these thoughts, you can enjoy a laugh when you notice that your brain was thinking again, and gently release the thoughts.


If I miss one day of sitting, I notice myself getting anxious and rushing through life. The purpose of this life is to enjoy each moment. Meditation allows you to be calm and present in each moment with peace.


Silence allows issues and thoughts to arise. When you sit, you are giving yourself the opportunity to resolve any conflict that you are having. When we pull the weeds from the root out of the garden in our psyche, we are cleansing our minds deeply to access inner-peace. When you begin to face all of the problems you have been running from, you find a deep sense of mental calmness and composure.

Wise-decision making

Sitting in silence gives you time to process everything that you are consuming. When you take time to connect with yourself, and source- You will have a clearer mind. You will react less based on your emotion. The decisions that you make will reflect this healthy habit.

Better Sleep

When the monkey-mind runs wild, it can challenge your peaceful sleeping patterns. Cultivating silence intentionally will allow you to manage your thoughts better so that you are not up all night with regrets and worries. You can have a clear mind that is disciplined, rather than running wild.

Deeper Connections

Having a daily sitting practice will help you to be more present with your loved ones. When you are able to give your full attention, your relationships become healthier. You are able to listen and connect deeply with the people in your life. This leads to positive connections and peaceful conversations.

More Creative

We are constantly bombarded with new things to consume. This can be problematic when you are overwhelmed or comparing your life to other people’s. Your meditation practice will give you space for original, fresh, new ideas to enter.

Mindful Eating

It is easy to scarf down a basket of fried southwest chicken rolls when you are not thinking about how harmful the grease is for your body or how poorly the chickens were treated. This might be challenging for some individuals. It is hard work to start noticing everything that you are consuming. A lot will change. This can be a difficult transition, but the benefits of mindful eating will literally add years to your life. Meditation gives you the time to consider your choices.


To open space for the resolution and release of problems, you create space for joy and happiness.

Tame the Monkey Mind

Buddhism refers to the untamed mind as “the monkey mind”. If you don’t ever administer discipline, the voice in your mind will seem like it is running the show. That voice is not you. You are the consciousness that is observing the thoughts. You will always have thoughts, but with a daily meditation practice, the thoughts will not run as wild. A thought will arise, and you will acknowledge and release it.

Heightened Intuition

We all have superpowers. We all have the ability to communicate telepathically with others at a distance. We also can communicate with dead people and animals. After a 75-hour meditation retreat, my mother and I could feel the presence of each other. That is our natural state. When you train your mind, you will begin to feel and sense things clearly. You will be able to read other people’s emotions.

Resolved anxiety

Anxiety comes from worrying about something that has already occurred or something that has yet to occur. When you are in the present moment, observing each breath, you are unable to worry about things that are not happening at the moment. (more on anxiety)

The recommended time to meditate is at least 20-minutes per day, and if you don’t have time to meditate for 20-minutes, you should meditate for an hour.

Your brain has likely been running the show for a while and will resist this new practice. Take charge! My life coach holds me accountable. I would be happy to be the coach to hold you accountable, but it is up to you to make the decision to be healthy and honor your commitments.

Thank you for sharing this blog so that your friends and family can also reap the benefits!

11 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

We all have days where we feel like we are on top of the world, and other days, we feel like the world is on top of us. What do frequency and vibrations have to do with this? Everything that we are experiencing in this human form is light and energy. The energy is vibrating at different frequencies. When you are at a high vibration, you will feel things like joy, happiness, inner-peace, excitement, and motivation.

At other times, when you are vibrating low, you may feel things such as anger, resistance, resentment, frustration, and pain. Everything seems to feel good when you are vibrating at a high-level frequency.

These simple steps can help you to raise your frequency and feel more grounded and peaceful.


Retreating into silence allows the opportunity for profound insights to arise. Spend time each day sitting on your pillow with an intention. There are many different kinds of meditation. I personally recommend sitting in silence. Allow time for thoughts to arise.

Meditation is not about not having thoughts. This practice is about letting go. If thoughts arise, simply notice that you are the observer of the thoughts, and gently release them. (That’s right, you are not your thoughts… You are the consciousness that is observing the thoughts)

Connect with nature

Have you ever seen a flower that was stressed or a frog that was depressed? Nature is peaceful, serene, and loving. The ground supports you and the trees assist you. When you are outside, you don’t have walls confining you or your imagination.

Sit next to a tree and notice yourself feeling grounded. You can even imagine that there are roots growing out of you, connecting you deeper into the Earth. Using a deep ‘spirit breath’, imagine the roots growing deeper when you inhale, and light coming from the top of your head, reaching the sun or moon as you exhale.

Check your surroundings

Who and what are you surrounding yourself with? What is your intuition telling you about your relationships? It is easy to lose track of your mission when you are around people that are vibrating at a lower frequency than you are.

You are here for a divine purpose. You don’t have to give up on people in your life, but certainly, ask yourself what they are doing there. Respect yourself by managing the people and things that you are spending your time on.


Take the time to write. Use writing as an outlet. I keep a gratitude journal, where I document at least three things every day that I am grateful for. Practicing gratitude can help us tremendously. When we don’t actively notice the things that we are grateful for, our brain takes over and tends to fill our thoughts with things that aren’t helpful.

I keep a separate “brain dump” journal, where I put the pen to paper and allow free flow. I don’t worry about my handwriting, grammar, or the order of my writing. I just get everything that is on my mind, out. This helps me to unload the things I want to get off of my chest without bothering others with my drama.

I also keep an intention journal, where I write my intention for each day in the morning. This really helps me to stay on track and complete the things that I want to accomplish. Today, my intention is- “Embody the deepest level of presence available to me.”

Use Positive Affirmations

Your brain is an organ just like any other in your body, but for some reason, we label this voice in our minds as “me”. When your stomach begins speaking to you, you do not consider it to be you. You know that it is your stomach.

We have to control what our brain is doing. Using meditation is one way to train the mind. Another practice is filling the mind with positivity. When there is empty space, the mind creates whatever it wants. In Buddhism, this is referred to as “Monkey brain”. When we fill this space with positive affirmations, there is no space for negativity.

When you practice these affirmations, you are rewiring your brain to think positively and remove the negative conditioning.

Ask Your Friends

Ask your friends for a frequency check. You can rate your frequency on a level from 1-10. 1, being demonic and acting out of hate. 10, being radically conscious and fully present with a deep level of compassion. Don’t be afraid of what your friends might have to say. If they are true friends, they will kindly let you know the truth.

If you are ranging from 1-4, you may want to separate yourself from your current situation and follow these steps to raise your vibrations.

Use Music

It is important to be mindful of the music you are listening to. Harsh, negative music can drastically lower your frequency, causing you to feel sad or angry. Classical music is great for relaxing.

Solfeggio frequencies are musical tones that have sacred healing power. These can quickly help you align your energy. The different tones are used for a range of healing. Try 528 HZ, the “love frequency”.

Be Mindful

Each breath is a blessing. One day, you will not have this breath or body. Be fully present in each moment that you are experiencing. Take the time to notice the sensations in your amazing body and enjoy the fact that you have a body and self-awareness. (We are the only beings that have this)

Be mindful of what you are consuming. Watching things like violent or sad movies will lower your frequency. The news will definitely lower your vibrations. Consume things that make you feel good. By being fully present in each moment, and listening to your body, you can help maintain a high frequency.

Practice Acts of Kindness

Each of us is on this earth with a divine purpose. My unpopular opinion is that we are all here to serve and assist each other. By practicing acts of kindness, you not only raise your frequency, but you are exerting positivity into the universe and assisting others in raising their frequency as well.

Do something kind for someone else. Maybe you help an elder with groceries or offer to listen to a friend. Do this with no expectations. Don’t even expect a thank you. Also, keep this victory to yourself. Silent victories feel amazing.

Get Your Blood Pumping

Physical health is an extremely important aspect of your overall health. Nothing boosts your energy like working up a sweat and getting that blood flowing. Spend a minimum of 30-minutes per day intentionally moving that incredible body that you have. This will also help your sleeping patterns so that you are functioning better throughout your day.

Claim Responsibility

You have the ability to control your response. Response-ability. Decide exactly who it is that you want to be, and start acting like it. Take responsibility for the actions that you take. Claiming responsibility is noble and mature. Own your shit.

Claim responsibility by hiring a coach that can help you to see areas that you haven’t noticed need work and hold you accountable. Hiring a coach is an investment that shows the universe that you are ready to take action, and take the necessary steps to improve yourself. “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

Check out my 12-week Goddess Heart Healing Program for powerful support and empowerment in a group coaching setting with 8 other women to learn how to passionately love your life.

If you are interested in private coaching/healing sessions, check out my 12-week 1:1 coaching program for the fast track to observing where you can heal and grow to become your highest self.

BONUS: what causes your vibrational frequency to lower?

  • Electromagnetic frequencies (phone, wifi, microwave)
  • Aggressive music
  • Violent movies
  • Alcohol & drugs
  • Worrying about the future
  • Living in the past
  • Poor diet
  • Negative self-talk
  • Talking about others
  • Messy space

7 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

Self Confidence is Self-Care

How confident do you feel right now? Everyone has a different answer depending on their present situation, time of the day, or maybe after a cup of coffee. It’s not always easy to consistently feel confidence in yourself, especially when faced with the stresses that life inevitably throws your way. I’ve written out seven different ways that you can give yourself the little confidence kick you need for when that happens. After all, investing in your confidence is investing in your self-care.

Confidence isn’t Arrogance

Do you ever feel like you’re not enough, or that you’re too much? What about when you’re around co-workers or friends, and you can’t shake the feeling like you can’t be yourself. Your feelings are real, but they are not reality. All too often, everyone’s perception of others around them is based on your own feelings, which can be exacerbated by peers who may be feeling similarly.

When you’re focused on your personal growth and success, you aren’t paying attention to what other people think about you. Sometimes it can feel like you’re being too ambitious or arrogant. Confidence isn’t arrogance. Believing in yourself is not vanity – it’s self-empowerment. The most confident women that I have ever known, KNEW that they were amazing. They were not afraid to admit it, because they knew that anyone that they wanted to be around would also recognize their awesomeness.


No one is born confident. Just like everything else that you have mastered, confidence is a learned habit. It is something that you can practice and become better at. Fake it til you make it. Imagine yourself as a character that is confident, and act like you already have it (because you do). Deep inside of you, you know that you are an amazing, badass, woman, and you can start acting like it at any moment. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD will add a layer of difficulty, but practicing as a part of your daily routine can help reinforce treatment and therapy.

Practice Humility

Confidence is sexy when you are kind and loving. Make sure that your confidence is coming from a loving, sincere place. Always remember what it is like to be the self-conscious girl. Practice compassion. You have no idea what kind of trauma someone else has experienced. You DO NOT need to unscrew other girls light’s to make yours shine brighter. Combine your light with everyone around you and be authentic so that other ladies feel comfortable to shine brighter with you. We all win this way.

Know Your Tribe

Since the beginning of time, humans have had tribes. Without a community, we become depressed, have low self-confidence, don’t feel a sense of belonging, or know our purpose.

There are individuals that have yet to experience their spiritual awakening and don’t realize that we are all one. And then there are your people, that share the same dreams and values as you. Maybe you aren’t quite vibrating at the same frequency that they are, but with some life coaching and spiritual mentorship, you can learn how to raise your vibration and become the best version of yourself to attract the best crew for you.

Make Health A Priority

Have you ever left the gym NOT feeling more confident? If you don’t like the gym, I suggest looking for an alternative resolution. Get moving. You can rock climb, hike, rollerblade, practice yoga, join a spin class, etc. The list goes on. Health is not only about what you look like. It affects your mood, sleep pattern, and YOUR LOW CONFIDENCE. Eating a healthy diet and getting proper rest and exercise will help your confidence significantly. Set some weekly health goals for yourself. 20-minutes of exercise 3x per week is much better than none at all.

Practice Meditation

When was the last time you took some time for yourself? Daily meditation practice is a great way to slow down, and allow your mind, body, and spirit to align. When you take a holistic approach, you are opening communication with the universe. Profound insights arise when you retreat to silence. When you return to your natural state, you begin to realize the things that are truly important.

Invest Time and Love in Yourself

There are many ways that you can invest in yourself. Facebook and meetup are places where you can find local and online workshops. Educating yourself is a great way to build confidence. A life coach can help you to find your blind spots and understand where your lack of confidence is stemming from. You don’t know what you don’t know.

There is so much that you can learn from having someone asking you questions that you might not think to ask yourself. A coach will help you learn and grow. Do you know what happens when you learn and grow? You begin to feel more confident in yourself! Find a coach that offers services that resonate with you. If you want to feel more confident, find a confidence coach.

If you want to heal your heart, release stuck energy from trauma, and passionately fall in love with your life, check out my online coaching program –The Goddess Heart Healing Circle.

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Ascension Symptoms 2019

Ascending is rising or increasing to a higher level. Could there possibly be symptoms to you waking up? I recall feeling drained when I was experiencing my awakening, however, I do not think that your ascension or awakening is the cause of your symptoms.

Ascending is an amazing, wonderful, and powerful experience.

We are all capable of ascending to our highest self. (Which is actually no-self; I will be addressing this in an upcoming blog!) Some of the effects you might be experiencing

Feeling Tired

Are you experiencing sleeping problems? Tossing and turning at night? Are you are feeling drained during times of the day when you normally would not be? Letting go of old familiar routines and situations can be both frightening and exhausting.

It is possible that you are exhausted because you are identifying/noticing the resistance in your life that you did not see before. This will not last forever. So much positive energy is coming your way!


In a room full of people do you feel like you are all alone? Are you distancing yourself from normal social activities that you used to enjoy? Are you becoming uninterested in some of your existing relationships (or all)?During your ascension, you may start distancing yourself from others because you notice that they are not on the same path that you desire to be on.

You are beginning to realize what is important to you, and if others values don’t align, you might be wondering where they fit in your life. I encourage you to embrace this loneliness. When you take the time to get a clear idea of your ideal self, you grant yourself the life you desire, which includes the friends that you have wanted all your life.

You may not even know what kind of friends you truly want. Take this time to figure that out.

Expanded Curiosity

Something amazing within you must have been awakened for you to be reading a blog like this! It is likely that you are interested in:

  • Having new experiences that seem more healthy
  • Looking for material to read
  • Searching for activities that you truly enjoy
  • Taking the time to try new things in order to discover what you love rather than being stuck in the same old routine

Trust your intuition! If a new opportunity arises, adopt the “what do I have to lose?” attitude.

Since I began living my life with that type of attitude, I have had more INCREDIBLE experiences than I could have ever imagined. (I will be sharing some of these life-changing experiences in my podcast- The Healing Sause Podcast!)

These are just a few signs that you are growing, adapting, ascending, and evolving. The most important thing to remember is to have fun along the journey. If you are not having fun, what is it all for? You are only as limited as you want to be. Continue seeking truth, and wisdom & equanimity will follow.

If you need help setting and reaching your goals through this time, a life coach might be perfect for you! I specialize in ascension. I am here to help you understand and navigate your awakening.

Schedule a free consultation with me today! I am ready, are you?

15 ways to attract your perfect mate

Get over the partner that ISN’T the person of your dreams.

Are you still in a relationship with a person that you know is wrong for you? Maybe you have already left and still can’t stop thinking about them? There is a man out there that is PERFECT for you, however, do you think that he will want to be with you if you are sad and hung up on someone that doesn’t make you happy? What does that say about the way that you treat yourself?

Whether you are still with them or have already ended things and still just can’t seem to get them off of your mind, you can start by asking yourself these questions;

What qualities do I love about this person?
Am I my ideal self when I am with this person?
If I knew everything about this person that I know now, would I still choose to have these feelings for them?
In one of my coaching sessions (where I was the Coachee) I realized that it is a common goal amongst couples to stay together ’til death. They want to stay together, through thick n’ thin, because they have been conditioned to believe that if you don’t “stick it out” then you have failed. You can love someone greatly and still not want to be with them any longer. That is perfectly normal! There is no sense in kicking your own ass for moving forward with your life and having the best experience available to you. That is not selfish, that is self-care.

Decide how you want your IDEAL partner to treat you.

Take this to the pillow! Allow yourself to sit and meditate on what your ideal mate is like. Get as specific as you can! The more specific you are when you ask for something, the more likely you will be to get the result that you want! This is because the universe listens to the things that you are focused on, and delivers more of it to you! Forget all of the things that you have experienced in relationships in your past. What do you want NOW?

Start treating yourself the way that you want to be treated.

How can you expect to attract your ideal mate if you aren’t treating yourself the way that you want to be treated? Are you being kind to yourself, treating yourself like a queen, and only speaking positively to yourself? What does your self-talk sound like? Start treating yourself the way that you would want the man/women of your dreams to treat you. Run yourself a bath, take sexy pictures of yourself, massage your own feet, and leave yourself cute notes! I love to send myself gifts with messages in them like “You are doing amazing! Keep up all of your hard work! I love you!” You deserve absolute happiness and you can achieve that if you start filling your own cup and stop looking for someone else to make you whole. You are already whole.

Know that you deserve love

When you begin to fall in love with yourself, you will feel this sense of happiness, confidence, and contentment. When you start treating yourself the way that you expect your significant other to, you will appeal to someone that sees that as an attractive quality. If you are constantly telling yourself that you are not good enough, people will sense that. If there is resistance, you could potentially miss out on making a true connection with the person that you desire.

You will reach a point where you are so happy with yourself and the way that you are treating yourself, that you will feel as if you don’t NEED a man/women, and THAT is when- out of nowhere- the most amazing person you could ever think up will be right next to you wondering where you have been all of his/her life.

Don’t settle

I often encounter clients that are fearful of being lonely, so they settle for something they are not happy with. The conditioning that we have had since we were children has been to find a man, marry him, and stay with him until you die, no matter what or you have failed. I have news for you; It’s 2019. You are not a failure if things do not work out. It takes great strength to exit a relationship out of love for yourself and the other person. If the relationship does not make you feel good, then why are you in it? Are you upset more often than you are happy? The only purpose of this existence is to observe and enjoy. You don’t have time to waste on people that do not contribute to your happiness and success.

Invest your time wisely

Don’t spend all of your time looking for a significant other to come and “complete you”. The law of attraction plays a part in this, because what the universe senses that you are focusing on- it delivers more of. Focus on activities that will make you a better version of yourself so that you will be appealing to the person that you are interested in being with. Neediness is not attractive. Expressing your needs and wants in a relationship is not what I am referring to when I say neediness. Set your intention and let the seed grow while you are working hard on yourself.

Meditate on it

It’s likely I won’t post a blog that doesn’t mention meditation at least one time. This is because meditation is so powerful! Sit on your pillow, close your eyes, and begin to imagine your ideal mate is there with you. How do they look, smell, feel, and make you feel? What are the qualities you love most about them? Get a very precise image of this person in your mind, because the more specific you are in what you are asking for, the more specific the universe will be when delivering. Don’t become attached to the image of the mate you are envisioning, this is simply a guideline to getting closer to knowing what you want.

Set your intention

Take the time to set the intention that you are going to find this ideal mate, and approximately when it will happen. Do not become attached to this idea, as that will cause suffering. Just imagine them, write about them, mention them to a friend, and wait. No need to stress or worry. Focus your attention on evolving into a better woman than you were yesterday so that when they find you- they are able to experience your truest self.

Ditch your shitty break-up story

It is understandable that you spent a lot of time with your ex and that is all you felt like you knew, but if you can’t stop talking about them and all the stupid stuff you did in your past- it is likely that the perfect mate isn’t going to be interested. No one cares about your baggage. You are the only on that is in control of your happiness, and focusing your attention on the past is not the way to grow and evolve. When you are focused on the past you are giving your mind a reason to be anxious. Talk about your future plans and dreams, something new that you tried recently, or a place that you would like to try.

Make love to yourself

Another one that I feel should be mentioned in all of my blogs- Masturbate! This topic has so much stigma or secrecy around it. I had friends most of my life that I did not feel comfortable talking about my sexual experiences with. This was difficult for me being an open and passionate person. There have been times where I was literally thinking “I am going to be single and lonely forever, and no one will ever meet my needs”. “Whoa is me”, right? Then, I make the loving decision to please myself and everything is fine! I go from feeling like the world is on top of me, to feeling like I am on top of the world. I am blessed to have friends that I can discuss these things with, and if you do not- I highly recommend acquiring at least one.

Imagine you already have him/her

You can choose to live your life upset and sad because you are lonely waiting for someone to come save you, or you can pick yourself up, and take care of your own life. You are fully capable of doing everything that you want to do with your partner, without them. If you want to go to the movies, go to the dang movies! If you are unhappy with the way that things are going without a significant other, how do you know that you will be happy WITH them? You must flip the switch of acceptance and go with the flow. Live your life the same way that you would if you had someone in your life that you love. Eventually, they will organically fall into the position.

Speak them into existence

Tell your close friends and loved ones what it is that you are looking for. Talk about them as if you know for a fact that they are real and they are PERFECT for you. If you have doubt in your mind about the fact that the perfect mate exists, the universe will question if you are even ready for something like that. You must stop resisting the natural flow. If you can dream them, they can become a reality. Talk about how things will be when you find them.

Choose your friends wisely

Pay attention to what your friends are saying. Words are more than just words. Words are vibrations that create feelings. If your friends are putting you down, or not positively affirming the desires that you have, why are they your friends? There are people that have the same morals and values as you, and they will reassure you that everything you want is possible, because IT IS! Same as finding a mate, you don’t want to settle. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Do you want to be like them?


Before traveling solo I had no idea who I truly was. In my travels, I met so many incredible people and had so many prodigious experiences that changed my journey forever. If you are in the same town doing the same thing on repeat, you are limiting your life experience. Exposing yourself to new activities will open doors for you to realize what you are passionate about it. When you are in flow with the universe and not resisting, you meet a vast amount of people that seem to be placed there just for you. It may seem like the universe or god put them in your way for a reason. In your travels, pay close attention to who you meet and what their mission is. You don’t ever meet anyone by chance.

Invest in yourself

When you resist the natural flow of things, you cause yourself more suffering. You are being called to do something better for yourself, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog. It is time to start making moves. When you start going with the flow you will begin to make progress. If you are looking to level-up, you must begin attending the local events that are related to the growth that you are looking to experience. There are meetup groups, Bumble Bizz, and many FaceBook groups where you can find workshops, seminars, and Life Coaches. You’ve already started taking steps in the right direction by reading this, why not set up a free consultation to see if a coach is right for you?

I am already impacting the lives of many women. I am accessible to you now. Are you ready to start making life-changing moves? Let’s get to work! Email me now to schedule a time to discuss where we will begin your journey of transformation.

As always, if this blog impacts your journey in some way, please don’t hesitate to share! Sharing your story may help someone else to better understand their experience. Let’s make kindness cool!