Spiritual Leadership Course

Spiritual healers that are ready to step into their personal power as a leader.

What is Spiritual Leadership Course?

This is a 6-week online video course designed for the individual who knows they have a bigger purpose in this life & is ready to discover what that is.

What’s Included?

How To Share Your Message

Upgrade Your Self-Talk

Identify Your Unique Soul Gift

Set Realistic Goals

Easy-To-Follow Worksheets

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Eliminate Your Fears

Get Crystal Clear On your Message

Design The Perfect Action Plan


You Had a Vision Because You Are Ready

I created the Spiritual Leadership Course to assist the individual who is ready to step into their power.

Do you feel called to do more but you don’t know where to start? You feel like you are supposed to be helping others but you don’t feel qualified?

This is a safe enviornment to learn how to lead in a manner that is in alignment with your truth.