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Release What Is No Longer Serving You

In the last blog, I talked about auditing your life and taking radical inventory of your current reality. I also shared the Life Audit Worksheet, which I recommend finishing before reading this. 


Step one is:

Getting clear on where you are currently. 


Step two is 

Getting clear about where you want to be. 


It is impossible for us to release something without filling that space with something new. Otherwise, the new space you have created will be filled by the same old habits. 


Instead of focusing all of our attention on all of the things that we DON’T want, instead, we focus on what we DO want. 


This is the law of attraction in a nutshell. Focus on what you want and get more of that. Focus on that which you DO NOT want and get more of THAT.


Using the Life Audit worksheet in my last blog (Aligning With Your Higher Self Today), ask yourself 


“What is no longer serving me that I am ready to release?”


Affirm that you are willing and able to release those things (even if you dont believe it). You are building momentum here! 


If there is something that you have been struggling to release for a long time, you can write a love letter to yourself, acknowledging why that habit served you in the past and declare that you are NOW ready to completely release it. 


Then, choose 1-3 new habits that you can begin integrating into your life in replacement of the old negative thought patterns and processes. 


Monitor your daily habits. Begin creating momentum in mindfulness and noticing the things that lower your energy and the things that make you feel joyful and expansive. 


You will be able to feel this in your body. 


Keep a planner or daily journal to track your daily habits and keep track of what you want to improve. 


Your action plan today is to review your life audit and sit with your responses for a moment. 


Allow yourself time to reflect on what you have written. Write 1-3 new habits that you would like to incorporate into your routine, and write down in your journal or planner when you plan to take action.


If you are looking for further support, I would love to have you in my private Facebook group for conscious leaders with similar values and morals. Come evolve, explore, and empower. 


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