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Optimize Connection To Self To Reduce Loneliness


In this blog, I cover how to begin optimizing your connection to self to reduce loneliness. 


First, it is crucial to gain consciousness around the fact that you are not your thoughts. You are the observer, the consciousness. 


It’s important to notice what the internal voice is saying. What is the story that you are telling yourself over and over? 


Write down the stories that are spinning in your mind and separate facts from the story. 


Make the conscious decision not to do anything you don’t love. 


Your goals should be moving you closer to doing what you love most. 


You are the most valuable and expansive when you are full of joy because you are doing what you LOVE. 


What is the story you are telling yourself? 


Do you spend time in silence?


Do you take the time to reflect on the outcomes you are getting?


Do you have a hard time being alone?

What is your connection to loneliness? 


What does it mean to be fully loved?


Start choosing the things that you love over the things you don’t love


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