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A Letter From My Heart

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A Letter From My Heart


Three years ago I was living in a rat-infested home in Independence Missouri. My home had been robbed recently. I was sleeping with anyone that would pay attention to me because I thought that was how you were supposed to love people. (Childhood sexual trauma)
I was ANGRY. I was so angry that I almost went to prison for aggravated assault. I tried to kill my fiance after finding out he cheated on me.
I had no plans, no goals, no dreams. If you asked my goals, maybe I would have said:
1. Quit smoking cigs
2. Go to church
3. Start working out
Something like that, but I was just spewing off things that I thought I should do. I wasn’t clear on WHY I wanted to do those things.
Shit hit the fan in 2018. I was laying in my bed, coked out of my mind. Tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep. When you’re on coke, you can feel your heartbeat everywhere in your body. At least I could.
When I rolled on to my left side, I could feel my heart beating so hard it felt like it was going to explode.
Then I got the snap chat that changed my life.
It was a picture of a BMW steering wheel that read “Carlos is dead”.
“HOW COULD THAT BE!? I was JUST with him!!”
That was it. Just a ten-second snapchat and he was gone.
Carlos’s death sparked my spiritual awakening. Nothing felt the same after that.
I “woke up” to a whole new reality. My soul had experienced so much suffering, that it propelled me into a higher state of consciousness.
I began seeking something. I had no idea what I needed, but I was CERTAIN that I needed something. I had a burning desire for change.
I found a lot of my healing through meditation, but that was just the beginning. I have worked with many healers, mentors, guides, and teachers.
I am far from perfect. I fuck up a lot. I cry a ton and have breakdowns often. But after each breakdown, there is a breakthrough.
Now, each time I go through a challenging experience, I am able to take a step back, take a deep breath, and feel what is happening. I am able to be fully present with my body and emotions.
It took a fuck ton of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental work to achieve clarity and peace that I have unlocked in the past few years.
My life feels most fulfilling when I am able to help others achieve this.
My core values are love and growth. My main mission is to make sure that every living being on this planet has their basic needs met. I know that I cannot do this alone, so, I am empowering others to find their voice and live their lives in a way that is most expansive for their soul.
You are worthy. You are enough. If you are ready to start making massive changes in your life to become the authentic and heart-centered leader that you KNOW you are destined to be- Let’s fucking go. The only time is now and you can’t get there by staying here.
I only have a few seats left in my online Conscious Leadership Course.
In 6-weeks you will learn how to cultivate bulletproof confidence and shatter the old limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I will hold your hand and walk you through each of the steps in this transformation.
Do not ignore the urge to enroll if you are feeling called. There will never be the same group of people in this course. You are an energetic being. Listen to your heart, not your conditioned mind.
Schedule a call to learn more.

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