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Conscious Leadership Coaching


Ditch The Rhythm Of Scarcity and Struggle

Identify Energetic Blocks

Release Limiting Beliefs

Shatter Old Paradigms

Clarity On Message

Align With Highest Self




What You Will Learn

How To Teach Key Principles Using Your Story

Upgrade Your Self-Talk

Identify Your Unique Soul Gift

Confidently Set Realistic Goals

Cultivate Bulletproof Confidence

Shatter Limiting Beliefs & Paradigms

Get Crystal Clear On your Message

Design The Perfect Action Plan

Overcoming Fears Through Grace

Guided Visualization To Align With Your Dreams

I learned a lot and was able to look deeper into my limiting beliefs. The class has helped me a lot in regards to looking at my limiting beliefs, my daily routines and also watching you gave me more confidence in pursuing my dreams as well. Yes, of course, I am open to recommend this course to anyone that would benefit from it.

Robert Haggard

The greatest takeaway I received from Conscious Leadership Course was that you can be a leader at any time, you can make the difference once you try. Also being vulnerable with anyone, and allowing yourself to be you is so important in any situation! I have felt a calling to get deeper into what gives me passion. Following my inner voice and becoming one with that, you have truly inspired me.

I would definitely recommend and have! Because everyone deserves to see they do have a voice and can be who they want, even if they are stuck in addiction, or trauma.

Ella Meyer

The last time that I took the Conscious Leadership Course, I had major shifts in my life and my mentality. It even started in week one. In week one I walked away with a different belief in myself as a leader. Not just in my community, but also in my household. That was really really big. We are living in a historical time and I think it can be kinda easy to listen to some of the noise that’s going on, but if we can quiet the noise and take this time, whether you’re home forcibly or otherwise, take this time to go internal and take a chance on yourself. That’s what Conscious Leadership Course did for me. It allowed me the ability to take a chance on myself. I was coming out of postpartum as a new mom and it was my first event that I went to in person and it truly just shifted everything. I went from not having anything up anywhere, to having a full business and product. I just made my first product sale yesterday! This all happened within a matter of 60-days with taking the CLC. It is going to make a difference in your life and I hope you take a chance on you!

Lauren Minnick

The Conscious Leadership course doesn’t just teach you how to be a better leader, it reminds you that you already are one. My biggest take away from this course was releasing a deep seated fear. This fear was holding me back and after Whitney’s course I feel even more confident in my ability as a leader. I also feel I am better able to lead; serving the heart and compassion rather than the “need to fix”. I was also taught to lead myself in the way. Life is easier to enjoy because of Whitney’s teachings.

-Gabrielle W

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You Had a Vision Because You Are Ready

This course is for the old soul that is READY to step into their highest-self.

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