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10 Ways To Be A Leader During Social Distancing

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10 Ways To Be A Leader During Social Distancing


This blog is intuitive information that resonates as truth with me. I am sharing a few ways that you can stay grounded, but most importantly- You are a conscious leader. The world needs us right now. This is how we can rise up and lead with love. 

We know that there is a virus. Do not being so naive to believe that this is not real, or that it is like the common cold. This virus is brand new and does not have a cure as of yet. It is taking lives and it is spreading rapidly. That is the reality.

Hospitals are not prepared for something this catastrophic. There are limited supplies. 

I personally am not concerned about my own health. I take great care of myself and I am going to share the steps I am taking. Please don’t assume that you are safe because you are young and healthy. It is not only about you. You can carry this virus a-symptomatic for up to 5 days. Don’t be selfish. Take consideration and do what you can to prevent this from spreading. 


The Most Important Thing During This Time Is To Vibrate Above the Drama. 

There is something obviously happening and it is lowering the vibration of the entire world at once. We need to focus on the nature aspect of this virus. People are going to die, but we can prevent the spread of this. It doesn’t have to be as bad as it COULD be, but we have to start acting like it is serious, because it is. Take the steps to keep your vibration as high as you can.

Drama is anything that is not the truth. Be mindful of the misinformation that you are spreading. (Read more on raising your vibration)

There are elderly people that don’t have to go into public. This will reduce their chances of being infected and possibly facing death. 


Being Prepared Is Not Being Paranoid

We can prepare in so many ways. I will tell you personally, I feel that I am paranoid. Perhaps I am just prepared. I don’t know if it’s the military conditioning, the PTSD from childhood trauma, or legitimate concerns? Maybe it was the scary quarantine movies? Who knows…. But, I personally am preparing by taking these steps: 



#1 Washing My Hands More Than Ever. 

I am taking this seriously. I am washing EVERYTHING. I am using the high percent sanitizing spray on anything that I have to touch. I am using Clorox wipes and disinfecting spray on the frequently touches places in my home and office.  I am using soap and hot water and washing up to my elbows every time that I wash my hands. I am also sending loving-kindness (Metta) each time I wash. 


#2 Using Oils

I am not sure if people are using Clorox wipes on their hands, but hopefully, you know that is not effective or good for you. The chemicals are actually removing good bacteria that you need to protect you from viruses. Tea tree oil is antiviral. While there is no evidence that I have found that supports tea tree oil killing COVID-19, I still believe that it is helpful in raising my vibration. I am applying it to my hands, belly button, feet, neck, and pashmina. I am also using lavender because it is calming. 


#3 Meditating More

I am a pretty avid meditator. This recent virus, in addition to my course launch, has made me feel called to meditating more. I am meditating in the morning and at night. Actually, I will be going live every night at 9 PM CST hosting a worldwide peace meditation until this is over in effort to raise the vibration of the world. 


#4 Going Slow

It is super important to pay attention to what the world is doing. During different seasons, we feel called to react a certain way. For example, in the winter, we often feel reclusive and reflective. In the spring, we feel refreshed, renewed, and creative.

The season of this virus is calling us to go slow. It is challenging us to go inward and notice discomfort. It is also challenging us to come together as a community and support one another. Take the message, slow down. 


#5 Not Panicking

Kinda speaking this one into existence, honestly. I am not freaking out by any means, but I am certainly on edge. The virus has a lot of my attention and energy, so I am just doing what I can to keep my energy high and to remember that this is NOT the only thing that is happening in the world right now. 

Panicking isn’t going to do anything but lower your vibration and make you more susceptible to contracting the virus. I know it is going to be incredibly challenging for you to just “stay calm” if you haven’t been practicing mindfulness ALREADY… just do what you can. Remember to breathe. Also remember that no matter what, this life is temporary. Nothing real can ever be destroyed. 


#6 Staying In As Much As I Can

We have been informed that it is best for us to practice social distancing. I don’t think that this is a bad thing. It certainly doesn’t have to be. We can use this as an opportunity to deepen our connections in a different way, considering most people weren’t practicing actual connection before this pandemic. 


Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t communicate, show compassion, and be courageous. Maybe you use this time to go live on your Facebook for the first time and share how you are feeling called to be a leader. What are you doing to keep your vibration high?  


#7 Eating Healthy Nutrients 

Eating healthy is not a temporary or short term thing. This is a lifestyle that becomes easy when you have a clear “why”. If you are only trying to live up to someone else’s standards, a healthy diet will not be high on your list of priorities.

If you are practicing self-care and deeply loving yourself, your nutrition habits will automatically fall into place. You will not even consider eating the same way that you used to when you were unconscious.

It’s easy to ignore what you are consuming when you are ignoring everything else as well. As soon as you start to pay attention- everything becomes more and more clear. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. You DON’T need to eat animals with every meal, or ever really. 

Consuming the trauma that animals are experiencing before their brutal murder is causing disease. Believe it or not, I don’t care. I choose not to eat tortured animals because of my own spiritual practices. 

I am also drinking ginger and tumeric shots and celery juice. 

#8 Not Touching My face Or Others 

Obviously your facial cavities are where you contract the virus. Not touching your face reduces your risk of contracting the virus. Simple, don’t touch your face. If you aren’t up for this level of discipline, do what you would do to a child. Use gloves or some type of reminder on your hands or face to keep you from touching it.

Maybe we all just need cones. Hehe. 


#9 Practicing Distant Social Connection

“They” (whoever they are) are telling us to practice social distancing. I am all for this because I need a retreat anyways. However, I know that it is a crucial time for conscious leaders to rise up and be influencing others. We don’t need to be in-person to make this impact. We can do this from the comfort of our own homes in many ways. 


We can make 

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Art

We are conscious enough to know that panicking is not going to serve us. Only 10-15% (at the maximum) of the world is currently consciously creating and manifesting. That’s not a whole lot of people. That means that the other 90-85% is unconscious. I don’t know if those numbers are completely accurate, but they seem close to me. 

Keep yourself at a safe distance (6 feet) from others until this virus is better understood. 


#10 Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is a crucial time to keep your vibrations high and your risk low. Conscious Leadership Course is a 6-week ONLINE Course to assist you in shattering your limiting beliefs and confidently embody heart-centered leadership. This would be the perfect course to keep you mentally well during this difficult time. 

Meeting with a group of other high vibe individuals will keep your attention on something better than this damn virus. 

We can beat this. We can come together and assist others in raising their vibration and consciousness. We are united. I am here for you. If you are ready to enroll from a place of inspiration (NOT FEAR) then let’s fucking go. I am ready to start sending you the work. 

Let’s make something amazing of this extremely challenging transition period. 


Do what you can,

whatever that looks like for you. I plan to go live on one of my social media platforms every night and hold space for meditation. I want others to see the actual steps that I am taking to be a conscious leader. 

You can be a conscious leader as well. You already are one. How can you transmute this energy into positivity? 

I encourage you to keep a list of things you are grateful for, as well as a list of the good that is coming from this situation, even if they are difficult to find. 

NOTHING REAL CAN BE DESTROYED. No matter what, your life is temporary. I don’t mean to scare you, but I hope that you see that this life is temporary and it is important to enjoy it while we are here. 

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Intimacy: Beyond Sex

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Intimacy: Beyond Sex


I am in deep reflection mode following a recent separation from my romantic partner. I have always previously struggled with codependency. I also have had an extreme fear of intimacy and abandonment. It’s a whole slew of strengths that I have that are being activated. Keep in mind as you are reading this that this is my truth, that does not mean it has to be yours. Take what resonates and leave the rest. 


What if we changed our idea of what love is “supposed” to be?

I invite you to take some time to reflect on what love means to you. What does it mean to be loved? What would it look like if you were being fully loved? 


Women have been trapped in this belief that we NEED a man. We don’t NEED a man, we need ALL of the men. We are interconnected.


Thousands of years ago, men were triggered by fear because women were completely expansive when they were receiving love from many partners (this doesn’t even have to mean just sex, just loving support). The men were intimidated by this freedom and flow, so they shut it down and tried to lock us all into marriage and seperation. 


Side note, on many occasions, have caught myself subconsciously watering myself down to allow a man the opportunity to “fix” something that didn’t really need fixing. That’s insulting to both parties.


Thinking about being with someone for 20 years and going through a separation sounds like the most painful dish on the menu, but underneath the main course, there is something far worse. 


Could you imagine being in a relationship that made you happy for 10 years, and miserable for the next ten years, and deciding to STAY because you were taught to “ride or die”? 


So much of the content that we consume on a daily basis is a part of the mental programming that you are confined by. The songs that we listen to are so catchy that we don’t notice they are GLORIFYING toxicity and abuse 🙁 G-easy and Halsey always make me feel like getting in a relationship just to feel heartbreak. #Cray


We aren’t made to only receive love from one person. We are meant to receive love from ALL. Our universe is abundant


Clarity on what “love” and “intimacy” actually means.

A dear soul brother asked me “what does it look like when you are being fully loved?” 




In that moment, I realized love is coming to me at all times from so many different people, including the most important player, MYSELF. Love is something that you can turn on and off. It is a gift that you can give at any point, but you do not have to. You can feel it at any point, no matter where you are or who you are with. 


For the first 24(ish) trips around the sun, I thought that “intimacy” meant “sex”. I was taught by stepfather that sex was love. That’s how you show people you love them, you have sex with them. (Shout out to you, Johnny!)


I am still working to shed some of that trauma and redefine what it means to love and be loved. I had a profound insight while I was driving (always while I am driving it seems). 


My insight is this:


We can receive intimacy from our friends and family. 

Whether we are in a romantic partnership or not, we still need love and connection. When we enter a relationship, it is imperative to have other connections in your life so that you are not completely dependent on receiving something from one source. That is a tragic block.


Most romantic love is (and should be) conditional. We can love someone without being with them, but we must have boundaries. It is much easier to share unconditional love with a best friend or a family member. That is why it is important to love your partner like you love your friends. 


You have been taught that you need a partner and it’s not true. It is only your truth if you adopt it. You are a wholeass person. You don’t need someone to complete you.


Loneliness is a mindset created by fear.

Something happened within this lifetime or a previous one that made you feel uncomfortable being alone. There was some guilt, shame, or feeling of unworthiness and now it is blocking you from living the best life available to you.  


Being alone can be triggering. 

It forces you to connect with yourself. It’s even worse if you are alone and desperately seeking connection online. 


Loneliness is a spiritual gift like anything else. 

It is a blessing in disguise. 

If you are feeling lonely, the only thing that you can do is focus on that which you have control over. Energetically contribute to the love tank within your current relationships. Surrender to the moment and turn your attention to strengthening your spiritual connection. Listen for your spirit guides and see where you are intuitively guided. 


If you are craving intimacy, 

Try giving a family member a call and asking them about their day. Hold space for them and create a safe environment for healthy communication. Start building that trust and learning how to communicate effectively. 


I was thinking about my brother who also recently went through a romantic separation. I thought “We don’t need partners when we have each other! I can get my intimacy from him and he can get his, from me!”


Obviously, there are other needs that are fulfilled within a romantic partnership that is considered to be inappropriate by most, so my brain immediately started in with the criticizing voice of no-reason. 


“Whitney, you can’t get intimacy from your brother!!” 


But that isn’t true. That is the conditioning. I receive an intimate, loving connection from my brother, my mother, my best friend, my best friend’s husband, my dog, etc.


Intimacy is when you allow someone to see you completely. It is being vulnerable enough to grab your friend’s hand and say “Everything is going to be alright.”



Intimacy is not just sex. 

I am still working to re-frame the way I view love, but now I know that I will never return back to the Whitney that I once was.

She was angry and wanted to control every single move that her partner made because she was TERRIFIED that he might leave. Turns out; that doesn’t make people want to stay. 


Get your fix from your family and friends.

Learn your love language and share it with your homies. It is safe to be vulnerable. When you hold that space, you will give others permission to do the same. If your “friends” don’t like your vulnerability, get new friends that are open to fulfilling your needs. 


All humans have the desire to be touched, it’s not weird.

My love language is acts of service and physical touch. I recently told one of my dear friends my love languages and I have noticed small things that she does to fulfill those needs for me. Something as simple as moving my crazy hair for me when it’s jacked up. 


It wasn’t a big deal, it was just my hair, but I felt like she heard me, and she was there for me. It means a lot when you can do these small things for your people. Touch your friends. Hug them longer than they expect. Take a deep breath and release it before you let them go. 


We are being starved for attention because people are terrified of being vulnerable. No one can hurt you unless YOU give them permission. Step up to the plate and lead with love. Open the door for others because they are too scared to do it themselves. 


What does intimacy mean to you? Has it changed since reading this? I would love to know what your thoughts are! Drop me a comment and let me know how you’re feeling and what your amazing brain is thinking <3 


Update: Please stay up to date on the virus and create social distancing for the time being. This virus will end and we can go back to being intimate. In the mean time, you can still be intimate by holding space for others and listening deeply with compassion. 

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From My Heart

A Letter From My Heart

Spiritual Wellness & Conscious Leadership Resources

A Letter From My Heart


Three years ago I was living in a rat-infested home in Independence Missouri. My home had been robbed recently. I was sleeping with anyone that would pay attention to me because I thought that was how you were supposed to love people. (Childhood sexual trauma)
I was ANGRY. I was so angry that I almost went to prison for aggravated assault. I tried to kill my fiance after finding out he cheated on me.
I had no plans, no goals, no dreams. If you asked my goals, maybe I would have said:
1. Quit smoking cigs
2. Go to church
3. Start working out
Something like that, but I was just spewing off things that I thought I should do. I wasn’t clear on WHY I wanted to do those things.
Shit hit the fan in 2018. I was laying in my bed, coked out of my mind. Tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep. When you’re on coke, you can feel your heartbeat everywhere in your body. At least I could.
When I rolled on to my left side, I could feel my heart beating so hard it felt like it was going to explode.
Then I got the snap chat that changed my life.
It was a picture of a BMW steering wheel that read “Carlos is dead”.
“HOW COULD THAT BE!? I was JUST with him!!”
That was it. Just a ten-second snapchat and he was gone.
Carlos’s death sparked my spiritual awakening. Nothing felt the same after that.
I “woke up” to a whole new reality. My soul had experienced so much suffering, that it propelled me into a higher state of consciousness.
I began seeking something. I had no idea what I needed, but I was CERTAIN that I needed something. I had a burning desire for change.
I found a lot of my healing through meditation, but that was just the beginning. I have worked with many healers, mentors, guides, and teachers.
I am far from perfect. I fuck up a lot. I cry a ton and have breakdowns often. But after each breakdown, there is a breakthrough.
Now, each time I go through a challenging experience, I am able to take a step back, take a deep breath, and feel what is happening. I am able to be fully present with my body and emotions.
It took a fuck ton of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental work to achieve clarity and peace that I have unlocked in the past few years.
My life feels most fulfilling when I am able to help others achieve this.
My core values are love and growth. My main mission is to make sure that every living being on this planet has their basic needs met. I know that I cannot do this alone, so, I am empowering others to find their voice and live their lives in a way that is most expansive for their soul.
You are worthy. You are enough. If you are ready to start making massive changes in your life to become the authentic and heart-centered leader that you KNOW you are destined to be- Let’s fucking go. The only time is now and you can’t get there by staying here.
I only have a few seats left in my online Conscious Leadership Course.
In 6-weeks you will learn how to cultivate bulletproof confidence and shatter the old limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I will hold your hand and walk you through each of the steps in this transformation.
Do not ignore the urge to enroll if you are feeling called. There will never be the same group of people in this course. You are an energetic being. Listen to your heart, not your conditioned mind.
Schedule a call to learn more.

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Conscious Leadership Coaching

Spiritual Wellness & Conscious Leadership Resources


Let Go Of What Doesn’t Serve You


Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is a challenge when you are not connected to your higher self.


When you are stuck in the ego- which is not just an attitude- the EGO is anything that causes separation. So if you are saying “me, my, I” that is ego. It is not “bad”, but it is separation. 


The ego is the part of the mind/body that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.


Imagine if you were at the airport and they asked your name and you said: “I am pure consciousness”. Haha. That might not go over well. We NEED our sense of identity here on earth. 


Ego is the function of your body that attempts to use all of the information that it has gathered in this lifetime (and former lifetimes) to keep you safe.


The ego used to keep you safe from real danger. For example, a BEAR or a COYOTE. You hear a stick break and your ego screams “TIME TO GO!”


How is the ego blocking you?


The ego is meant to keep you safe. Unfortunately, this means that it will attempt to keep you safe from the unknown, which is literally everything you have yet to experience. I am sure you can see how that is a problem. 


What good is the ego? 

The ego is an entire part of your being. When you shun the ego or push certain parts of yourself away, you are still causing separation. The goal is to know one’s true self so that you can live the most fulfilling life available to you.


How can you do that?


We have to take action to put ourselves closer to source energy (love, light, joy, harmony, equanimity).


We can do that by


  • Practicing meditation (yes, it is a practice, there is no mastery)
  • Fasting. Your body is burning much less energy when you are not thinking about where your next meal will come from or digesting a bunch of crap.
  • Eating healthy living nutrients rather than processed “food”
  • Spending time in nature and solitude.
  • Taking hallucinogens (phsilopsyben, DMT, Acid, psilocybin, iowaska) ONLY if you are called to.


This is a huge challenge because we have been conditioned to believe that many of these things are unacceptable. 


We get made fun of if we get angry and shake/dance it out (like an animal would). We hold that anger in our body and it causes DIS-EASE. 

We get looked at weird if we are vegan or fasting. People talk shit on my friend because she juices. In reality, their ego is feeling challenged because they don’t believe they can achieve the same level of success. 


The reason we have programmed to do all of this shit that doesn’t make any sense is because the “government” wants to keep us where THEY need us. 


Yes, this is a conspiracy theory. 


A conspiracy theory is just a term that individuals made up to shut people down who are questioning the way things are. But think about the way things are… 


I mean really sit down and think about how fucked up things are vs how they COULD be if we ALL took a stand and rose to authentic, heart-centered leadership? 


That is a scary thing when you start to notice how fucked up things are. There is a lot of work to be done. You have to make the decision to be awake. It is what you are here for. Especially if you are still reading this. You are a Starseed. (I encourage you to research this subject)


A lot of people are gaining consciousness now. There are souls that are being born “awake”. 


Awake meaning, they are conscious of their thought, emotion, and the present moment. They know that they are a soul incarnate. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of the thoughts.  


There are also many souls having a sudden shift in consciousness because of an immense amount of pain and suffering. 


This all has to do with releasing all that isn’t serving you, stay with me. 


We have been conditioned to believe that we need this and need that. You aren’t complete if you don’t have a husband/wife and make babies. If you don’t live in a 4+ bedroom home on the beach, you have failed. 


We have been taught to stick to our worker bee lives and not make a fuss. 


  • “Don’t speak unless spoken to.”
  • “Don’t ask questions.”
  • “Don’t dress slutty.”
  • “Don’t talk like that.”
  • “Don’t cause a fuss.” 
  • “Don’t bring attention to yourself.” 
  • “Don’t live in a van.”
  • “If you don’t shave, you’re nasty.”


This is literally a part of the BRAINWASHING that the military used on me. 


They used every tactic in the book to put soldiers farther away from source energy. I am surprised they even let us worship, to be honest. 


Letting go of what is no longer serving you is not just about letting go of that toxic partner or donating your clothes to goodwill. 


Letting go of what is no longer serving you includes releasing the mindset that you have been programmed with. 


I need you to really read these words that I have written. Read them again and again until you understand. 


We MUST release the programming and the limiting beliefs that we have been taught so that we can rise up together in love. THAT is how we end world hunger, slavery, human trafficking, fear, hate, greed, and illusion. 


There is a lot that you can do but it is important that you focus only on yourself. By healing yourself, we can heal the world. Once you have healed yourself, you will heal the world through your eyes. 


It will literally not be the same world that you have been seeing. It’s much more beautiful and clear. You will be able to help others when you are in a vibration of love. 


The most powerful thing that you can do to help you shift your consciousness is MEDITATE. 


Meditation takes you away from all of the media and shit that you are being fed. It takes you into a space with only yourself. In this space, you are able to hear deep, wise answers that you cannot find anywhere else. 


Affirm now: I AM NOT AFRAID TO BE AWAKE. I am here on a divine mission and I am ready to step into my full potential. I am not afraid to be awake. I am a divine being and I am here to make a difference. I make a difference by raising my own vibration. 


You are fucking magic. Do you realize all of the things that had to align for you to be here? From the first couple that ever existed, all the way to your mother and father meeting. Your chances of being alive is ONE out of 400 TRILLION. I don’t even know how many zero’s that is, but it’s a lot. You are a miracle. 


If you have ever felt like this life is too much, not for you, or too challenging- know that your feelings are valid, but this is not too much for you.

You got this. I am here for you. Don’t give up. Find your soul family and for the love of all that exists, START MEDITATING NOW.



If you need support, please use my free 90-minute planning session. I am happy to help you.

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Optimize Connection To Self To Reduce Loneliness

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Optimize Connection To Self To Reduce Loneliness


In this blog, I cover how to begin optimizing your connection to self to reduce loneliness. 


First, it is crucial to gain consciousness around the fact that you are not your thoughts. You are the observer, the consciousness. 


It’s important to notice what the internal voice is saying. What is the story that you are telling yourself over and over? 


Write down the stories that are spinning in your mind and separate facts from the story. 


Make the conscious decision not to do anything you don’t love. 


Your goals should be moving you closer to doing what you love most. 


You are the most valuable and expansive when you are full of joy because you are doing what you LOVE. 


What is the story you are telling yourself? 


Do you spend time in silence?


Do you take the time to reflect on the outcomes you are getting?


Do you have a hard time being alone?

What is your connection to loneliness? 


What does it mean to be fully loved?


Start choosing the things that you love over the things you don’t love


Join the private FB tribe: Conscious Leadership Group


CLC IS NOW ENROLLING! If you are TRULY READY to begin SHATTERING the old paradigms that are keeping you stuck- Reserve your seat today! Learn More/Enroll Now


Use the free tool below to assist you in reflecting on challenging situation:



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What Do You Want?

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What Do YOU Want?


Clarity On Your Mission & Vision

In the last blog, I talked about auditing your life and taking radical inventory of your current reality to align with your higher-self. Then we talked about releasing all that is no longer serving you.


Now, it’s time to

Get Clear On What You Desire. 


If you aren’t already, you will be able to experience things consciously that provide you with contrast rather than thinking that they are just negative events happening TO you. 


Contrast is the concept of two or more things being considerably different. Something that you desire to have in your life will be illuminated and seem much more delicious when you have a memory or situation that is not so enjoyable.

When you have both types of experiences, you are able to appreciate the differences and find value in it all.  


When you have challenging experiences, take the time to reflect on them as quickly as you can. Sometimes it is not useful to begin reflecting if you are still in a tailspin or negative spiral of thoughts. 


if you reflect on them appropriately and in a timely manner, you can find an internal resolution.


You Can See The Value That Came From What You Just Went Through. 


At the beginning of your consciousness, you will have a lot of things to sift through to understand what it is that you truly desire. 


You are peeling back the onion layers of all of the things that you thought you desired because that is what you were taught. 


Taking time to go internal and reflect is imperative to having healthy intimate relationships.  


If you have external conflict, you NEED to take the time to reflect on why this situation is presenting itself. 


Once you feel clear on where the resistance is happening, you can either come back and try to mend the situation or relationship, or you can move forward. Don’t stay in the suffering state for too long. That’s not what you are here for.


This week, create a vision board or mind movie to help you create a physical manifestation tool for attracting all that you desire. 


Use audio and visual sensory tools to create a vivid illustration of the life you DESIRE. Remember not to consider what other people want you to do. Don’t deny yourself your true desires. Be creative and unique. Include something that feels a little wild or stretching to you. 


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