I am in a learning season.

I love to write. This blog should be my favorite thing in the world, but I have been hung up on all of the ways it “should” be “perfect”. Whatever. So, I’m saying fuck it. I am going to share from my heart. I am going to get out of my own way and practice what I preach. 😉 Welcome to my crash course.


Up first:

What is a leader?

In my Spiritual Leadership Course, my students had a round-table discussion about what a leader was to them. People mentioned all different types of leaders. A few mentioned were:


  • Political figures such as; Mother Theresa, Dr. MLK Jr., Buddha

  • Parents

  • Mothers

  • People who have been granted a position by vote

  • People who have a following

  • People who lead themselves


Have you ever contemplated your idea of a leader? Have you ever considered yourself a leader? I can assure you, whether you consider yourself a leader or not, you do have leadership qualities. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.


To me, a leader is someone who will put themselves first because they know that they are the best version of themselves when they are fully charged. A leader is someone who will put others needs before his/her own when they can afford it. They strive to help others.


A leader would confidently step up in a time of need. A great leader is one that would never tell someone to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves. An amazing leader listens deeply and communicates clearly to get to the root of any problems.


When I was in the Army, we learned leadership like this:





S-Selfless Service



P-Personal courage



I still find this to be a valuable guide. My duty went from an M249 SAW gunner for my captain > to spreading love and light  while helping raise the vibration of the collective consciousness. Big diff…..


I’m on a roll, let’s keep going. Up next;

Authenticity in leadership

What is authenticity to you?



To me, authenticity is when you show up as who you truly want to be and not someone who tries to please everyone else. To be authentic is to show up unapologetically and allow your true colors to shine without compromising your integrity to make someone else feel comfortable.


Being authentic doesn’t mean you have to explain yourself to anyone or share your opinions. You can be authentic and stand in your power by being silent. If you are quiet, you are not compromising your integrity.


I will say, I don’t believe that you should be a hero and make everyone else’s problems your own, but to me, someone who is authentic will stand up for something that they believe in.


For example, if there was someone hurting someone else; I would feel compelled to say something. Would I have to? No. Of course not, but it would go against my values to ignore something like that. If I didn’t say something, I would not be in my authenticity.


How to increase your influence

First, you must be clear on your mission and vision. WHY are you wanting to do this?



Declare who and how you want to influence.

Starting with one group of people can help you to stay focused and learn one geographic at a time before you expand. Who are you feeling inspired to lead? Who do you lead WELL?


Connect deeply.

You want to create an emotional bond with people. A REAL one. Not some bullshit phony persona that you put on just to manipulate someone. NOT THAT. Get close to people and figure out what THEIR needs are. Aim to build long lasting relationships.


Be open to constructive criticism.

You don’t want to be a know-it-all. Be open to learning new ways to do things. If you are so sensitive that your following/friends don’t feel safe to talk to you; you will end up like Ray Dalio; running the world’s largest hedge fund and being despised by his employees because he was insensitive. Ray ran an anonymous survey and adjusted his tactics when he discovered the problem, and published a book for us to learn from his mistakes. (Highly recommend his book-Principles.)


Be consistent

It sucks… but people love having dirt on others. Don’t allow this to paralyze you with fear, just be conscious of it. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want on a billboard. That is basically what it means to have integrity; don’t do something that you wouldn’t want someone to know about. Also, be professional on your social media.


My rule of thumb is to always attempt to be one step ahead of myself. I always ask myself; “How can I step it up just a little bit more”?


Hold space

When we first gain consciousness, we typically need to take up some space to recalibrate any leftover feelings from trauma. Knowing that you have the personal power to take up space is powerful and grants you a lot of confidence.


HOLDING SPACE is a whole new level in the game. Holding space is literally just using your body to take up space without over-speaking. You are creating space with silence to allow someone else to say something that they may not otherwise.


By holding space for others, we empower them to shine brightly. This has a massive impact on the entire world!


Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the psychological process of of bringing your attention to the present moment WITHOUT judgement.  


Be present in each moment. Have a solid grounding practice in place. Notice your internal dialogue. Monitor your consumption (of everything> food, music, conversation, television, etc.)

Are you an awakened leader searching for your tribe?

Waking up to your personal truth can be challenging and lonely. I created this group for the conscious leaders who want to grow, connect, and inspire. 

Yo! My name is Whitney Sause

Yo! My name is Whitney Sause

I spent 24 years suffering deeply with unresolved trauma from my childhood. In 2018 I experienced a sudden shift in consciousness that changed my life. I spent a few years healing my heart and now I find great joy in helping others find their path to personal power. I write all of my own stuff and it comes straight from my heart. Please reach out if you have any questions or if you simply just want to say hi. May you be filled with loving kindness.