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Goddess Heart Healing Circle

My program has proven success in changing the lives of women, giving them confidence, reduced anxiety, and a sense of purpose.

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About Me

My mission is to successfully assist as many women as I can to truly have the best experience available to them: a life of comfort, ease, and inner peace.

I am have created the Goddess Heart Healing Circle to teach women how to empower themselves and become deeply confident in their ability to create and love.

I also coach women one-on-one to help them create the life that they have always dreamed about.


“I had an amazing reiki session with Whitney that really helped me to gain clarity and release some blocks I’ve been working on. She is able to hold so much nurturing, healing, and productive energetic space and I’m so grateful to have found her!”

Sarrah Chapman

“Whitney’s mission is to empower women and, oh my gosh, does she do that. She is an incredible coach. She has helped me find more balance and power, acceptance and forgiveness, and the ability to be present. Not only did she help me heal from my trauma, she’s been an asset to my own business. She’s incredible and I’m very happy she’s a part of my life.”

Gabrielle Williams

“Whitney’s coaching and transformation programs are incredible! She has used her own trauma, learning and awakening to lead other women through some of the toughest times of their life and come out on the other side stronger, grounded and inspired on a path of true healing.”

Jen Ciszewski